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New software features and improvements.
Shape & Play!

Version 15

released March 7, 2018

Preview your website on Mobile for Professional ed.

Scan the QR code with your device for a preview of your mobile website.

404 error Page for Professional ed.

Customize the 404 error Page with your style: the code needed is managed automatically.

Advertising Message

For better-converting banner ads, now you can:
choose the pages on which you want to display a banner
schedule start and end date of your campaign
decide to show a banner after X seconds.

Graphic Template

100 new Graphic Templates included in the software.

Backup Management

Now both Professional and Evolution have advanced backup management options, including:
manual or automatic backup settings
automatic backup the first time you save
old backup copies are automatically deleted
backup reminder.

Project Analysis for Professional ed.

Project Analysis monitoring extended to all settings and template elements.

Product Images

Improved Import/Export of Product Image List in .csv: now you can add item images.

More features

Improved fullscreen ShowBox: the image now covers all the space.

If necessary, Optional Objects automatic updates or installs now run when opening a Project.

Improved Object Management: now you can use the Search Box and sort the list of available objects alphabetically as well as by category.

Now you search for an object using the new Used in Project category.

Introducing new Tooltip designs and mouseover effects.

Project Analysis window design has been changed.

Map Creation window design has been changed.

The Calendar related to the Date Field in the Contact Form Object has a new graphic design.

Version 14

released October 18, 2017

Font Management

Font Management is now linked to the Template, Google Fonts and Web Fonts are integrated in the software and new Default font has been introduced.  


New Object Menu has been introduced; enhanced responsive visualizations and Sticky Bar customization.

Parallax Effects

New Reverse and Fixed Parallax Effects; improved Row Formats: now you can add SlideShows and Maps or apply an animated Overlay color filter.

Contact Form

New field and Send button style settings. The Send label now can be customized.

Fullscreen ShowBox

Introduced fullscreen animated galleries with transition effects.


New tab layout for the blog's home page, cover picture for each post, Featured Articles and side blocks are enabled.


Now you can activate registration to your store by creating a customer account on a visitor's first purchase and export customer data in one click.

Graphic Template

200 new Graphic Templates included in the software.


Automatic backup every time you save (only Professional) and manage backup reminders, old backup copies are now automatically deleted.


Improved interface and new graphics for the Object icons.

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