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My WebSite with WebSite X5.
Marta Etrelli

Website: www.regalisolidaliprogettoarca.org
Profession: Corporate Fundraising Officer
Studies: Political Science
Personality: Determined
Strength: Creativity
Declared Passion: Cooking
Web Experience: Newbie
Time for the Site: 1h/month
OUR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. There exists an underworld that's populated by an ever-increasing number of homeless people, families in economic and housing crises and migrants fleeing wars and poverty. For the past 28 years, our non-profit organization, Progetto Arca, has been committed to helping those who are socially marginalized and in poverty. And with the solidarity gift site, we now have an additional tool.
Marta Etrelli

I did it all myself. SO CAN YOU!

Marta Etrelli's story

A non-profit organization supporting the most vulnerable.

From the beginning of her university studies, Marta Etrelli has always been fascinated by the relationship between the profit and nonprofit worlds, and she soon realized that from the meeting of these two worlds come the greatest initiatives and projects that have the potential to truly bring forth major positive impacts.
Today, Marta works at the Progetto Arca non-profit Organisation and specifically handles corporate relationships. As such, she is fortunate to co-plan and carry out many important initiatives. One of the most recent is the launch of a site for the purchase of solidarity gifts, serving as an alternative channel for raising funds for numerous projects to support the people who need it most.
Our site for solidarity gifts is a new way to support us and to help us help those in vulnerable situations.

Their needs

Concrete HELP from collaboration with companies.

Christmas is a very special time of the year. The joy of many is contrasted with the concerns of those who find themselves living in precarious situations. For associations like Progetto Arca, Christmas is a time when we need to provide all the help we can.

The solution

An official website for RAISING FOUNDS

Marta had never been involved in creating websites. She needed a solution that would allow her to:
  • Present the new project as part of the Progetto Arca non-profit Organisation's ongoing work
  • Create a website for purchasing solidarity gifts

Marta was familiar with Incomedia who had supported Progetto Arca in the past. Having discovered WebSite X5, she immediately realized how simple and immediate it was. At first, her lack of experience concerned her, but she then discovered that everything was within her reach. A couple of weeks were all it took for her to publish the site online with solidarity gift offerings.

Now, the site has a more corporate side that aligns perfectly with the Foundation's image as well as a store with all the gifts that companies can purchase. Each gift has its own presentation card, complete with images, information and order buttons. However, there is no shortage of references for any contact, including an integrated button for a free donation.   
I chose WebSite X5 because it's a professional and easy-to-use software.
I'm no expert, yet in a short time I managed to create exactly what we needed.


Not just simple gifts, SOLIDARITY GIFTS to also help those who need it most

Today, https://regalisolidaliprogettoarca.org/ offers solidarity gifts not only for Christmas.
What does all this mean?
The solidarity gift site is an important tool for a non-profit organization like Progetto Arca. It's another way to raise funds to be used to provide tangible support to all those who live on the streets or are in precarious situations.   

But there's more.
We at Incomedia are truly happy to have provided tangible help to an association that provides hope and support to those who otherwise wouldn't know what to do. And for this reason, Marta is, for all intents and purposes, one of our incostars.  

I did it all myself. So CAN YOU!

Our #incostars

Behind every person there is always a story.

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