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Artificial intelligence arrives
MagicText is the Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant integrated into WebSite X5. With MagicText you can write any kind of text you want to use on your website: titles, SEO titles, paragraphs, ideas, and tags. All you have to do is ask: a text will be generated before your eyes. Literally!

Discover a NEW way of writing content

With   MagicText, the Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant integrated in WebSite X5 Pro, you will be able to write text easily and fast.

Never run out of ideas again

Are you looking for inspiration? Do you need an efficient product sheet or a new blog post? Use MagicText and find new ideas. Choose the topic and start brainstorming.

No more writer's block

Often all you need is a good beginning. MagicText only needs a few hints to create quality text. It's a good starting point to achieve the final draft real quick.

Only quality texts

Improve your requests, change tone and language: MagicText will generate several text variants, you will be free to use them as they are or to edit them. Enjoy the company of a helpful assistant to gain specific text in seconds.

All the AI FUNCTIONS you need
to write text for your website

Find new ideas

Fight writer's block when facing a white page. MagicText helps you find new ideas and topics you may not have even thought of.

Write titles

Sometimes finding a good title is more difficult than writing the article itself. Ask MagicText to write catchy titles and tag lines using the keywords you provide.

Create short contents

With MagicText you can write any kind of short text in no time: article abstracts, product descriptions or e-mails. And you are free to customize them.

Create long contents

Use MagicText to develop a content outline and then decide: you can write the text yourself or have the AI write it for you, one paragraph after the other. You direct, MagicText executes, and the article takes shape.

Generate SEO titles

Titles are only catchy. SEO titles are also optimized for Search Engines. MagicText knows the best practices for writing a perfect title for Google and, if you want to, it uses them.

Generate tags

Tags are labels you can use to highlight the most important topics of an article. Not sure about which one you should use? MagicText can advise you.

Use the best tone

Professional, casual, enthusiast...choose the right tone according to the topic of your website and the audience you are targeting. MagicText adapts its style to yours.

Write in the correct language

MagicText automatically writes in the language you chose for your website contents. You prefer to change it? It only takes one click.

Resume from history

The great thing about MagicText is that it never gets tired: you can refine your request and generate as many versions as you want. If you change your mind, you can resume what you need from the history.

HOW TO USE in WebSite X5

Use MagicText every time you need an idea or some help to write a text for your website:
1 - In the field where you are supposed to add your text, click on
2 - Choose the kind of text you want to write: a title, a paragraph, a list of ideas, etc.
3 - Describe the text you want to get. For instance, "3 ideas for a post on apple pies". The more details you provide, the better.
4 -  When you think you have given enough hints, click on the "Create text" button: in a matter of seconds, you will see the text appear before your eyes.
5 - Add the text you have chosen and customize it if you like, so it perfectly fits your needs.
Done! Now you can move on to the next text.


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