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My website with WebSite X5.
Edo Sartori

Site: www.edosartori.com
Age: 57
Job: instrument maker
Studies: Certified Electrical Technician
Personality: patient
Strength: humility
Passion: precision
Initial web experience: beginner
Time spent on the website: 1hr/month
Viola, cello, violin. When I pick up a block of wood, I see the instruments I can create out of it. When I look at the web, I would have never believed I could create a website. My website. But I made it by myself, and now I can see my instruments being played from Italy to Taiwan.
Edo Sartori

I did it myself.
You can DO IT too.

The story about Edo Sartori

An instrument maker and his workshop.

Edo Sartori has always studied music and had a passion for it. He dreamed of pursuing it further but wanted to wait until he was ready. So, he spent 20 years running his family’s knitwear business while dreaming of a workshop to call his own. When he decided to take the plunge, he chose to present his instruments online - his website is the stage. He created it himself, in between designing capos, sculpting the curves of a violin, or fine-tuning his instruments. Because his art takes time, but now it runs faster. Today the internet sets the rhythm.
 My website is my second chance, the second life I was waiting for.
This stage allows me to gain the trust of the musicians who play my instruments in front of hundreds of people.

His goal

A showcase on the web.

Presenting timeless art online isn’t simple. And Edo Sartori knows it. He is keenly aware of the history that precedes him, and he wants to prove that he shares the standards of the world-renowned school of Italian instrument makers.

Nothing is left up to chance. To do this, he needs a flawless professional image, down to every last detail. His creations are unique works of art, and they are put to the test. Showing his original pieces and presenting his own storefront is essential for gaining the trust of musicians and specialized shops.

The solution

A website to bring HIS ART ONLINE.

Since he didn't have any experience, Edo started looking for a solution that would:
Guarantee professional results
Let him create a website quickly

Improvisation is not part of an instrument maker’s repertoire. Edo Sartori needed to try the product out before making his choice. Only after creating a trial website with the demo version of WebSite X5 did the lightbulb go off. The trial version showed him he could achieve professional results all by himself.

To launch his website as quickly as possible, Edo chose one of the templates included in the software. He personalized it with texts and images from his workshop, saving precious time which he would rather dedicate to creating his instruments.
I chose WebSite X5 because it guaranteed that I could do it myself.
It took me years to learn how to make instruments, but I launched my website in just 5 steps.

His success

Instruments for the whole world.

Today, his website www.edosartori.com has become a crucial part of this Italian instrument maker’s workshop.
Not only do private clients use it to get in touch with him, his website also helped him create a network of professional contacts and specialized music stores who were impressed by his work and decided to distribute his instruments.
What does all this mean?

Just as Edo Sartori needed to try out the demo version of WebSite X5 for himself, the musicians who contact him need to try out his instruments and see if they “feel right”. His website is not just a showcase, but an invaluable bridge for creating a trusting relationship with the musicians who play his instruments from Italy to Taiwan.

But there’s more.

Here at Incomedia, Edo Sartori’s story is a story of a second life, a second performance whose finale is yet to be discovered. Or heard.

That is why Edo Sartori is a prime example of an #incostar.

I did it myself. So CAN YOU.

Our #incostars
A face, a story, an incostar.

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