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Our website with WebSite X5.


Site: www.neo-n.com
Age: 42
Job: teacher, entrepreneur
Studies: Degree in Philosophy, Electrical Engineering Diploma
Personality: altruist
Strength: determination
Passion: children and graphic design
Initial web experience: minimal
Time spent on the website: 1hr/week

When you’re expecting a baby, you know it’s going to be an extraordinary event. But when our little ones were born prematurely, we faced an even greater challenge. We created our non-profit to stand by those prematurely-born little warriors and their parents.
And our website brings together all our hard work.
I did it myself. You can do it too.
Kosmè De Maria and Riccardo Bianco


A non-profit that supports children and parents.

It’s 2010. A group of parents share their experiences with premature births in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Maggiore di Novara hospital. The situation changes them forever. They are grateful for the care they've received, and they want to do something concrete to help the doctors and nurses who supported them. So they create the non-profit Neo-n, which finances the purchase of medical tools as well as direct support for families undergoing the same life-changing event. Kosmè De Maria, a very determined teacher, becomes its president. Barely one year later, a father with a passion for graphic design joins the project.

His name is Riccardo, and he creates the non-profit's website by himself, which soon draws trust and donations, Today, Neo-n works in close contact with the neonatal department under the guidance of Dr. Federica Ferrero. Years later, this group of parents would still make the same decision.

Our website is the heart of our work.
It beats to raises awareness of our cause.


Regional visibility, concrete help.

We give when a story moves us or when we are certain that our generosity will come into the hands of the right people. We are guided by both feelings and rationality, and Kosmè, Riccardo, and the group of parents behind Neo-n know how to pull those strings to gain visibility throughout the country.

But the question was: how to best communicate this mission? Although social media is useful, the parents behind Neo-n knew that they needed an official context, and their own voice, to speak about such a delicate matter with the appropriate authority. To do this, they needed a website.


An official website to collect donations.

Soon after joining Neo-n, Riccardo looked for a solution that would help him:
  • create a website to collect donations
  • organize volunteer activities through a single, secure platform

Riccardo already used WebSite X5. He used it to create a photography website for travel pictures he took with his wife and was convinced that this tool would also allow him to lend a hand to the organization that helped him.
To keep readers informed about Neo-n's initiatives, Riccardo added an easy-to-update News section for posting official communications. In the donation page, he added a “Donations” button, which allows anyone to make an immediate contribution via credit card or Paypal.

To share work and activity calendars with volunteers, he created a secure area inside the website, which authorized users can log into. These features optimized the organization of the entire non-profit, saving precious time and energy.
We chose WebSite X5 because it is an intuitive and comprehensive tool.
It allows us to communicate in real time the extraordinary things we achieve.


New equipment for the Neonatal unit.

Today, www.neo-n.com is an active window into the world of Neo-n.
Contact  throughout the region and the visibility they’ve achieved have allowed the non-profit to reach extraordinary goals. Their greatest accomplishment to date has been collecting 200 thousand euros to purchase Ret Cam 3 ophthalmological diagnostic machinery and donating it to Novara’s neonatal unit.
What does all this mean?

For a non-profit like Neo-n, a website is an indispensable tool for promoting the organization’s work. It transmits requests for help from parents of premature children and promotes greater and greater initiatives and calls for donations.

But there’s more.

Here at Incomedia, we are proud to have provided concrete help to an organization that makes a difference in the lives of so many children and parents.

That is what makes Kosmè De Maria and Riccardo Bianco real #incostars.

I did it myself.You can do it too.

Our #incostars
A face, a story, an incostar.
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