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How to create a website
in 5 steps with WebSite X5

How does it work?
Let's find out.

In 5 steps

WebSite X5 uses a wizard: follow the intuitive 5-step procedure to turn your idea into a complete site and publish it online.

Easy to use

WebSite X5 has a unique page layout system: with Drag&Drop you always work visually and you never have to touch the code.

Objects and Templates

WebSite X5 offers lots of templates to start from as well as lots of multimedia objects you can use to build the pages of your website.

Set up the project.

No limits
With WebSite X5, you can create all the sites you want: for yourself, your friends, or your clients: there are no limits or fees.

Full control
Your site's plans remain yours: they stay saved on your PC, and you can easily manage them, organize them into folders, and create backups.

Of any kind
Showcase site, online portfolio, online store, blog: whatever your needs, WebSite X5 is the tool for you.

Customize the template.

Change what you want
Choose a template and then make it your own: you can delete or add elements and change any setting.

Maximum freedom
Alternatively, create your own template from scratch and use it to make your project unique and original.

All templates are designed to look great on any device, from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

Organize the site.

Design the map
Design the sitemap, add all the pages you'll need and organize them into levels and sub-levels. A good structure guarantees excellent navigation

Navigation menu
Don't worry about links: navigation menus are automatically generated and updated according to the map.

Special Pages
You can adjust a lot of settings while working on the map: hide a page, password protect it, set it as a 404 page, etc...

Create the pages.

Add your content
WebSite X5's page creation system is built around the core Drag & Drop feature to organize the available Objects.

All kinds of Objects
Objects allow you to import or create any type of content: text, images, galleries, videos, forms, search fields, etc...

...and even more.
In addition to the pre-installed items, you can find many other items in the Marketplace. We have the right Object for all your needs.

Go online.

Publish your site
When the site is ready, all you have to do is publish it online via the internal FTP engine.

Web space included
Your WebSite X5 license includes web space and email accounts: take advantage of them. Or choose the web hosting service you prefer.

Well done!
Now all you have to do is let everyone know that your new website is online.

Now that you know what to do,
start creating your website right away!

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