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of Website X5

Discover all the features that WebSite X5 offers
to create and manage your website.

create your online presence.

WebSite X5 offers everything you need to create your own website. Thinking of a feature you'd like to add? We already have the solution for you!

Unlimited Projects

Create all the sites you want: for yourself, your clients, or your friends. No fees or commissions.

Create a fantastic site

Choose among up to 140 customizable templates.

Drag & Drop Editor

Work visually: add your content and create pages just as you imagined them.

Browse the libraries

Over 100 objects and millions of images/videos are available for you to create your site.

AI assistant for generating text
Take advantage of all the power of MagicText - the Artificial Intelligence-based assistant - to write perfect texts for your site, even in terms of SEO.

Effects and Parallax

Add depth to your pages by adding scroll and parallax effects.

Mobile Optimization

Make your site responsive so that it looks great on any device: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Advanced Seo Tools

Increase traffic to your site by taking advantage of all SEO options: TAGs, Sitemaps, Structured Data, etc.
✓ Unlimited projects and pages
✓ Generation of texts using AI
✓ Up to 140 predefined templates
✓ Possibility to create templates from scratch
✓ Full customization of graphics
✓ Hosting and an automatic domain
✓ HTTPS certificate
✓ Database integration
✓ Project backup
✓ Drag & Drop editor
✓ Free and Premium image library
✓ Scroll and Parallax effects
✓ Extensive library of Objects
✓ Automatic menus
✓ 404 Page and hidden pages
✓ Font management
✓ SEO optimization
✓ Statistics
✓ Responsive website options
✓ Online control panel
✓ Dedicated mobile app

Choose from over 100 OBJECTS
to create your perfect website!

...And it's not over yet

You won't think that's all! There are many other curious, funny, useful objects. They make sure that your web page becomes anything you want. You just have to discover them all.

Online STORE: features sell everything around the world.

If you products are sold in a store, why not also sell them online? Online shopping keeps growing, and WebSite X5 lets you keep all the profit!

All your products

Upload your products, physical and digital, organize them in categories, insert photos and descriptions. In short, create your own catalog.

Enhance your offer

Take advantage of automated product sheets to better present your offer and save time.

Write Effective Description

Use MagicText, the AI-powered assistant, to quickly and effortlessly write complete and effective product descriptions.

Discount and promotions

Incentivize sales: you are free to activate discounts and promotions, even through coupons.

Secure payments

Keep your customers happy by accepting all major payment methods, including credit card and PayPal.

Filters and risearch

Allow your customers to quickly find the product they are looking for: just a few clicks to activate filters and search engine.
✓ Zero commission
✓ Unlimited products
✓ Uploading in .csv format
✓ Sell both physical and digital products
✓ Product variations
✓ AI for generating product descriptions
✓ Automatic product sheets
✓ Product reviews
✓ Search engine and filters
✓ Coupons and discounts
✓ Multiple payment methods
✓ Inventory management
✓ User registration
✓ Reserved area
✓ Cart customization
✓ Structured data for SEO
✓ Online control panel

Features for the BLOG:
make your voice heard.

Focus on content to attract audiences and build relationships. Everything you need to tell your story on your Blog is at your disposal.

Unlimited article

Write as many articles as you'd like. There are no limits! With the practical text editor and the help of MagicText, the Artificial Intelligence-based assistant, it's so easy.

Customize the layout

Choose the best looking cover pages, decide how to present the list of articles and which ones to highlight.

Schedule the post

Publish posts online right away or schedule them for automatic publication according to your calendar.

Manage comments

Allow your readers to leave a comment and manage conversations through the dedicated App.

Optimized for google

Optimize your articles by leveraging TAGs and Structured Data to better position yourself on Search Engines.
✓ Unlimited articles
✓ Generation of posts using AI
✓ Image galleries
✓ Video in the articles
✓ Article categories
✓ Article scheduling
✓ Internal search engine
✓ Featured articles
✓ Managing comments
✓ Heading Management (SEO)
✓ Structured data (SEO)
✓ Google AMP
✓ Social network sharing
✓ Reserved area
✓ Online control panel

...and it's NOT over yet!
Other features that might interest you:

Multi-language sites

Make your site international. You can add new languages without having to rebuild the site from scratch and just take care of the translations.
Language autodetect
It detects the language of the user's browser and sets the best language for the site.
UTF-8 encoding
It supports any language, including those with an alphabet other than Latin.

Protected pages

Protect access to certain sections of your site with a password. You can easily choose the pages to include in the restricted area and manage user registration.
User Management
Manage user registration manually or allow them to register independently.
Choice of pages
Decide which pages to protect: you can also request login for your online store and blog.

Security & Privacy

Comply with the obligations imposed by the regulations on data security, Cookie management, and Privacy protection. WebSite X5 also helps you with this, so you can avoid the risk of incurring criminal penalties, by integrating dedicated services as well as internal functions such as:
IP anonymization
To ensure that Google Analytics cookies are not considered technical cookies.
Brief disclosure
Create a banner to informs users about data processing methods.

Many fantastic INTEGRATIONS

Many useful services are already integrated in WebSite X5: from Facebook and Disqus social feeds and comments, to YouTube and Vimeo support, Google Fonts, Maps, Analytics to PayPal; ShinyStat, AddThis, and many more.

Now that you have everything under control,
start creating YOUR WEBSITE right away!

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