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My websitewith WebSite X5.
Gian Marco Polonioli

Site: www.bb-castello.it
Age: 29
Job: B&B Owner
Studies: Certified Electrical Technician
Personality: welcoming
Greatest strength: looking forward
Declared passion: Photoshop
Initial web experience: beginner
Time spent on the website: 1h/week
5 years ago,i made a life change. The company I worked for closed, and my career as an electrician ended. That's when I made the switch. I created a website for my family B&B, and reservations started to increase.
The website became the key to my new life.
Gian Marco Polonioli

I did it myself.
You can DO IT too.

The story about Gian Marco Polonioli

Changing your life with a B&B website.

Any hiker knows that obstacles are part of the journey, and that you have to look beyond them in order to keep going. That’s Gian Marco Polonioli’s story. When the company he worked for as an electrician closed five years ago, this young man from the Alps found the strength to look forward. And change his own life. With Gian Marco’s new website, Castello B&B started to gain a reputation online and family’s business horizons widened thanks to the web. But Gian Marco didn't stop there. To keep up with the Instagram era, he restyled his website to emphasize images. As more and more foreign tourists arrived, he knew he had made the right choice.  Once again, he knew how to look beyond what was in front of him.
 I couldn't have imagined that a simple website could change my life.
But it happened. And it changed it for the better.

His goal

PHOTO'S first.

Gian Marco Polonioli’s requirements changed over the course of his 5 years of online experience. At first, the goal was to present his family’s business with a website. Then, while Castello B&B was being renovated, Gian Marco needed to update the website quickly, and increased online reservations by emphasizing images.

When it comes to new approaches, the sector in which Castello B&B operates is not far behind. Today, the online tourism business mostly travels through large reservation platforms and social media. In all these channels, pictures make all the difference.
His solution

A photography website with an online reservation system.

To attract tourists and increase reservations to his Bed & Breakfast, Gian Marco needed a simple solution that would help him:
create a website quickly
create a photography website with full-screen images

Gian Marco Polonioli put his trust in WebSite X5 twice over the past 5 years.
When it came time to create the B&B’s website, it also became time to modernize it. Why such loyalty? Despite having tested out many other solutions, WebSite X5 was the only one to guarantee him the freedom to customize, whether he used the Evolution or Professional edition.

To save time, Gian Marco used the templates included in the software, and he took advantage of its many available features as well as the photos in the software's image library to make his page unique. The contact form which he customized to collect all the information he needs is now the tool with which he receives his many reservations.
Chose WebSite X5 because it gave me the freedom to customize my site the way I want it, with large, full-screen images.

His Success

A B&B for global travellers.

Today, the website www.bb-castello.it receives visits and reservations from Italy and abroad.
It is updated frequently, but the easy-to-use program means Gian Marco spends little time on it and can concentrate on his B&B.
What does all this mean?

Over the past 5 years, Gian Marco’s life has changed. He became the owner of his family’s B&B and grew as a web designer. He achieved such great results that he is often asked for help with web design.

But here at Incomedia, we see more to it.

Changing your life is never an easy journey. It takes courage and a little help. By creating his website with WebSite X5, Gian Marco found both. He found the keys to his future.

That is why Gian Marco Polonioli is a prime example of an incostar.

I did it myself. So CAN YOU.

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A face, a story, an incostar.

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