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Shape and Play artwork - WebSite X5

Update Protection:
your 12 months updates for WebSite X5

The Update Protection is our full commitment to keep on developing our software. This service is combined to your WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional license and it's a full guarantee that you'll receive software updates for 12 months. Any new feature or improvement installed will be yours forever.

WebSite X5, always on top

Achieve more by always keeping your software up to date.

New features and improvements for 12 months

Always be sure to have the latest version of WebSite X5 and top-notch performance is guaranteed.

First 12 months included

Get 12 months of Update Protection on first-time purchase of WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional.

The software is yours forever

Before the Update Protection ends, you can choose to extend the service for another 12 months. No matter what, the software is yours, forever.

How the Update Protection works

Look at the video to discover how you to keep your WebSite X5 licence up to date at all times

Activate with software
the first time you enter your program License Key
 Install updates
within the software or download from your Help Center Account
Extend the service
the new 12-month period will start when the previous one ends
Keep getting better
working with guaranteed software updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when new updates are available?

Update notifications are displayed within the software and on your Help Center Account. Also, you can check our New Features page for details.

How can I install the updates?

You can install within the software or download them from the Download section of your Account.

I decided not to extend the Update Protection, can I get it in the future?

Sure! We'll keep an eye out for anyone who chose WebSite X5. That said, you can save more and get every update by extending the Update Protection from time to time.

I've been a customer for long, what changes?

Read this page to learn more and log into your Marketplace Account to check your Offers.
Can't find your question?
Please, check our FAQ's on WebSite X5 or get in touch!

All products with Update Protection

WebSite X5 Evolution +
Update Protection Evolution

WebSite X5 Professional +
Update Protection Professional

FREE Hosting and Domain


12 months

Secure purchasing

Multilingual support

Stay up to Date
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