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Create your Website
and online store in 5 steps

The WebSite X5 software guides you along each step to create professional websites, blogs, and online stores.

What is WebSite X5?

WebSite X5 is an easy and intuitive offline software that allows anyone to independently create small or medium-sized websites, blogs, and online stores.

More than 100 templates and lots of content will help you get started right away.

Who's it for?

WebSite X5 is perfect for those who don't have programming knowledge and prefer to work visually, without having to struggle with code.

It is also very useful for professionals working on quick or low-budget projects.

Why WebSite X5?

WebSite X5 stands out from traditional website builders because it is a versatile wizard that is both easy to use as well as complete.

There are no fees or commissions: the license includes hosting and allows you to create all the sites you want, for yourself or for others.

Super easy to use:
create your website in 5 steps

Create a new project by entering the basic information requested.
Customize the template to best suit your purposes.
Design the site map by adding the pages you need.
Drag & drop your text, images, videos, etc. to add content.
Publish your website right away using the Web Space that is included with the license.

Add style to your website: your own!

Surprise your visitors with modern and functional design. Just choose and customize one of the available templates, or create your own template from scratch for unique results.

Increase your sales:
create an online store.

Start with a showcase
You have the tools you need to best display and promote your products, in several languages too.

Manage your business
Set discounts, select shipping and payment methods, customize the check-out feature.

Oversee orders and inventory
Wherever you are, use the WebSite X5 Manager App to keep everything under control.

Go online now:
use the Web Space included with the license.

Web space and email accounts
They're included with your WebSite X5 license, so once you've created your site, you can immediately publish it online.

Custom URL
Use the automatic domain or connect your own custom domain with one click.

Secured with HTTPS SSL certificate
Get your SSL certificate with HTTPS automatically, so your site is securely configured.

Turn your ideas
into a fantastic website

WebSite X5 facts and figures

We've gone a long way since 2005.
Come with us.
WebSite X5
we have reached
have chosen us

WebSite X5 is designed
for people like you.

People who know what they want to say, but may not be experts. People with lots of ideas but little time. Professionals and private individuals who need a tool to help them reach their goals: getting their name out there, increasing their customers, selling more.


You don't need to code. Just use the "Drag & Drop" tool to organize your content and build a website without touching a line of code.


Not only will your sites look perfect on any device, you can also use the App to manage them on the go.


Customize any graphic element or content in a few clicks. There are no limits to your creativity.


We have a few tricks to boost your website to the top of search engine listings and make sure new clients can find you.


Company website? Online store? Blog? You have all the components and features you need to create it all.


With 1 license you can work on 2 PCs and create all the websites you like. No monthly fees: the software is yours forever.

They did it. So can you!

Hi, we're Kosmè and Riccardo

We founded a NPO to support premature babies and their parents. Our website was essential for spreading the word and fundraising for our activities.

Hi, I'm Licia

As a freelance architect, I asked myself, "How can I showcase my talent?" So I created a portfolio website for my work: it's the perfect way to get my name out and sell my services.
Hi, I'm Gian Marco

Il B&B di famiglia n
My family's B&B didn't have a website. When I lost my job, I created a website and reservations started to increase. That website gave me a new future.

Hi, I'm Uberto

I'm a dentist. I didn't know what "making a website" really meant, but I needed to gain new customers. Today, 60% of my clientele comes from my website.

Hi, I'm Edo

I create violas, violins, and cellos. I didn't think I could create a website. But I did, and now I sell my instruments worldwide, from Italy to Taiwan.


A lot of people say
good things about us.

Our support wizards are here for you!

We believe you can do it on your own, but if you need advice, we're here. And so is the whole community!

Start now and create
your first website for free!

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