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Update Protection

Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 16 December 2018
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In a nutshell: Update Protection.

This additional service combined to WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional is set to change our software development plan and give timely response to our community recent needs. How?

Until now, new features have been released once a year at the launch of a new version, which is quite common for a software house. But today a fast-paced Digital World has different. So why must we wait for an official launch, when features are ready to go live long before the annual release? The best we can do now is to guarantee that all our customers receive WebSite X5 new features and improvements instantly.
Times have changed, and so have our customers needs. That’s how the Update Protection idea came up.
Are you asking yourself what it is?
Let’s see.

What is the Update Protection?

The Update Protection is the Update guarantee for WebSite X5 License, that ensures our customers will receive new features and software improvements for a period of 12 months
The updates will include new features and improvements and they will be released from time to time, as soon as they’re ready. We’ll email the release and announce it on our New Features page, detailing the main features and improvements.

With this new update service, you’ll be sure to always work with an up-to-date website builder. Plus, the software and any update installed during the Update Protection period will be yours forever.

The service starts running from software registration date. When the 12-month guarantee ends, you can choose to stop or, if you prefer, to keep going with updating the software. If so, you’ll just need toextend the Update Protection service instead of buying a new software License like you were used to do in the past.
If you decide to stop, instead, you’ll be able to keep using the last software version you installed, forever. What if you change your mind? No worries, we'll always keep an eye out for anyone who chose WebSite X5.Still missing something? Let’s clear the air.

  • You decide to activate WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional with Update Protection included today:
    we’ll ensure you receive all the updates that we’re going to release from Feb 21, 2018 (your date of activation) until Feb 21, 2019. For example, if the version 15 or 16 go live in this period of time, they will be available for you to install and use forever.
    • You already own the current version, that is WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional 14: 
      the Update Protection is already running, with date of software registration set as the start date. Then, if you have registered the software last Oct 18, 2017 (v14 date of release), we’ll ensure you receive any update we’re going to release until Oct 18, 2018.

    • What benefits you get from the Update Protection

      Here’s the best part.
      From now on, if you decide to build a website with WebSite X5, you’ll instantly get3 more benefits:
      1. no more waiting for feature releases: your websites can grow together with our software;
      2. the product is risk-free to become outdatedin a few months: you can always stay on top of WebSite X5;
      3. the updates will be yours forever: when the Update Protection ends, you can keep working with the improved version of the software you bought 12 months before.

      We can’t wait to start this new chapter, really.
      And let you feel free to choose the way you want to grow with us!
      Together, we can make it better. Ready?
      Go UP!

      To know more about the Update Protection, check the official page

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