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2019.2 - "Full Height" are the words of the day

WebSite X5
Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 18 June 2019
Ok, that may sound a little cryptic, but never fear: as is often the case, this is just tech-speak for something you're probably already familiar with.

Full Height is simply a new, current way to organize content on a page so that it takes up the full height of the visitor's browser window. This has been introduced thanks to the CSS Grid Layout - we knew it would lead to great things for us! - and we're happy to make it available for you, in the 2019.2 update.

Let's learn more about Full Height and discover the other updates included in WebSite X5 2019.2, concerning the Blog and Shopping Cart.

First, a step back: all the way back to Full Width...

In version 17, released in November 2018, we re-designed the WebSite X5 internal engine. This takes care of creating pages using the CSS Grid Layout.

As we explained in our post entitled A New Engine for WebSite X5 Version 17, the CSS Grid Layout is a system that "enables us to brilliantly resolve the positioning of content both horizontally and vertically, and manage the way pages transform according to the browser window and device size, with extreme simplicity."

Thanks to the CSS Grid Layout, WebSite X5 has become even faster and more stable, it is now able to produce more precise page layouts without issues on different browsers.

But there's more ot it. In version 17, in fact, thanks to the CSS Grid Layout, we were already able to introduce the ability to create Full Width content, meaning content that always takes up the entire width of the browser window.

And now here we are.... with Full Height

Of course, we kept pushing, and continued to explore the possibilities offered by the CSS Grid Layout. Now, with this new 2019.2 update, we introduced the chance to give to the content, Full Height. Now it will always take up a height that is equal to the site visitor's browser window.

The results obtained with Full Height are very interesting, and most of all, current. With Full Height, in fact, the content becomes blocks that display and behave like slides.

First of all, each content block is autonomous and displays in the center of the viewport.

Second, by scrolling through the page you can move directly from one content block to the next, just as if you were flipping through slides.

Full Height in action: new templates

By taking advantage of the possbilities for customization available for Full Height, we can obtain very different solutions for displaying content and navigating the page. We tried out a few possibilities in 5 new templates included in the template pre-set galleries, for both Evo and Pro with the 2019.2 update.

For example, the Hair Stylist template shows the full effect: content blocks enter one after the other, while positioning icons placed on the left can be used for scrolling.

In the Fotograf template, on the other hand, the effect is more subtle: there are no position icons, but there is a button inviting visitors to click to keep scrolling through the page.

In addition to these 5 templates, which all feature the use of Full Height, the 2019.2 update also has 5 more pre-set templates for those working with Pro.

On to the Blog

As exciting as it may be, there's more to the 2019.2 update than the introduction of Full Height. We took your feedback into consideration as well as our own experience running this WebSite X5 Blog, and focused on a few topics that needed extra attention.

To do so, we made several improvements and enhancements to the Blog. For simplicity's sake, we can summarize them below:

More effective post management

The new tool bar allows you to copy and paste posts, for example, as well as search published posts.

More attractive page design

Thanks to updates to some layout presets and by introducing new options, the blog's pages and posts can be designed with more attention to detail, and look more attractive.

More precise responsive behavior

Revising certain layouts and behaviors makes Blogs easier to navigate on mobile.

More complete SEO optimization

The addition of a few new tags to the article pages' code improves their Search engine indexation.

Last but not least, Online Stores

Finally, we can't end this post about 2019.2 updates without mentioning a few interesting changes to the shopping cart.

First of all, we've added improved graphics to Product Sheets, just as we did for Posts. Plus, although the Shopping Cart and Blog have different purposes, they both need to look as good as possible in order to achieve their goals: to make sales and be read, respectively.

Finally, we've also introduced a much-requested feature for users working with Pro: from now on, you have more options for customizing the notification e-mails sent from the shopping cart to your clients, as well as having order confirmation e-mails go out only after payment has been made.

For a full, detailed list of all the features we've introduced in the 2019.2 update, please visit the News page.

Of course, if you already own WebSite X5 and your Update Protection is active, the 2019.2 update is free. Open the program and follow the instructions: in just a few clicks, you'll be able to use the new features to make your projects even more beautiful.

If you don't have WebSite X5 yet, now's the time to make that purchase. You can create your website - perhaps using the Full Height feature - and enjoy our Update Protection guarantee, thanks to which you'll receive all the new versions and updates we launch for the next 12 months, for free. Discover our offers.

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