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Update Protection: questions and answers about WebSite X5's warranty

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Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 30 December 2018

Why did Incomedia introduce Update Protection?

One year ago, 85% of our clients stated that they wanted to receive WebSite X5 updates more frequently, and many were disappointed when they found out that they had bought the software shortly before a new version came out.

That is why we decided to make a change: rather than issuing a new version of the software every year, we created a plan in which users were guaranteed to receive constant new releases for free, for 12 months. We named this warranty Update Protection, and many users now benefit from it. If, for example, you purchased WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional v.14 (October 2017), with Update Protection you have now received version 15 (March 2018) and version 16 (June 2018): that means many new features, at no additional cost (you can find the list of features in the new features page).

Why is Update Protection more worthwhile than our competitors’ subscription models?

It’s important to mention that update Protection is a warranty not a subscription: it lasts 12 months, and can be extended, but once you’ve purchased it, the software remains yours forever and you can continue to use it to create your projects.
In other words, your WebSite X5 license never expires and you can create all the websites you want. That’s a great advantage if you consider that other companies’ subscription tools generally allow you to create only one project, and that they close your website and take it off-line once your subscription expires.

Why is it worthwhile to always maintain Update Protection?

As we mentioned above, if you purchased version 14, your 12 months of Update Protection are about to end. What happens now? You basically have two options:

  1. extend Update Protection for another 12 months and continue to receive all upcoming updates and new versions of the software;
  2. or don’t extend Update Protection and continue to work with the version you own: not the one you purchased (version 14), but the last version you received (version 16)!

  3. Extending Update Protection before the end of the 12 months is definitely the best choice: not only does it mean you’ll receive all updates, without interruptions, you’ll also save 50% compared to purchasing a new license. If you don’t extend Update Protection, however, you’ll have to buy your next new software license for at less advantageous price.

    What changed for Incomedia?

    We are happy to say that the decision to switch to this new model was popular, and that our last survey in July 2018 showed that almost 90% of our clients now say that they are likely to recommend our software because they are satisfied with the price and quality.

    Our commitment for the future is of course to continue to develop WebSite X5 to make it more and more comprehensive, without losing what makes it unique: the simplicity with which you can obtain the most complex results.
    We have many ongoing projects: you’ll see a part of what we have developed in the upcoming version 17, while others will be rolled out in the new year. Our goal is to do and say more and better.

    Join us in this adventure.

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