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How to create a gym website

Published by Incomedia in First steps on the web · 11 April 2019
Enticing clients requires a website that’s attractive, engaging and easy to use. Sounds complicated, right?
Not at all! WebSite X5 makes it easier to take your business online and create your ideal gym website. Just follow these quick-start tips.

Know what you want from your gym website

Before throwing yourself into the specifics of gym website design, take some time to think about your product.
  • Who is your client? What does he/she like? What will grab his/her attention?
  • What makes your gym unique? What can you offer that your competitors can’t?
  • What gap are you trying to fill in the market?

Once you’ve thought about this, think about how you can weave this into your fitness and gym website.

WebSite X5 provides 100 pre-defined templates for your site, as well as the opportunity to design your own from scratch, so choose one that captures the results of your brainstorming session:
  • If your clients are young professionals, pick something upscale yet funky.
  • If you pride yourself on the relaxed atmosphere you provide, find something soothing yet striking.
  • If your support system is what sets you apart, make sure you choose something inspiring and empowering.

Whatever you need, WebSite X5 will be able to provide it.

Find the right platform for your fitness and gym website

There are a few different platform types available for hosting your website, but most non-IT specialists prefer the easy-to-use functionality of Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) options. Their simple-to-learn functionality eliminates the need for outside hires and help, but they aren’t always so easy to customise.

WebSite X5, on the other hand, offers a software builder that’s easy to use and personalise. Choose your theme and effortlessly add any content you please, from photos and videos that show off your gym to maps to the premises and email forms for contacting your membership team. All that and with no subscription necessary – what more could you need?!

Optimise your gym website content

Creating your gym website is one thing, but getting it seen is something else entirely.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must for moving your way up the search engine rankings; sites that appear on the first page have the best chance of success, so spend some time on keyword research tools and inject the most successful terms into your gym website for better results.

To make things easier, WebSite X5’s website-building tool has convenient drop-down boxes that effortlessly handle your html tagging; that means your content is easily recognised by search engines and improves your chances of reaching your target audience.

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