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Wedding website wanted?
Find examples and create your marriage website with WebSite X5

This is a magic moment, a dream
come true, the start of a new chapter.
It's one of the most important days in your life. Share every moment with those who are closest to you - from when
you set the date, to your wedding day, right up to when you get back from your honeymoon - create a website
for your wedding with WebSite X5: it'll be a lovely way to remember and relive your special day.

Brides, dresses, confetti and bouquets

Make your website special

This is what I want

Do you want a traditional, romantic wedding, or something more modern and alternative? WebSite X5 provides you with all you need to create a website that will perfectly match your wedding style.
You've chosen the dress, the rings and the flowers .... now it's time to choose the right template for your website. There are plenty to choose from, all ready to use, or you can create your own personal template.
This is our story

There's so much to do and so many decisions to make! Don't leave family and friends out of the fun, especially those who can't be with you to help with all the preparations: keep a blog to share it all with them.
It'll be your diary of this special time, where you can share your experiences and feelings with all those who are close to you, right up to the big day.
This is us

Every photo represents a memory, an emotion, an important moment in your lives. Use your photos to create galleries of your life together. It's never been so easy to share photos and videos with friends and relatives.
They'll be able to browse through them in comfort and wherever they are when they use their tablets or smartphones.
The big day

Plan everything carefully, publish all the most important information and reply to the e-mails to clear up any doubts: it'll be a perfect day!
Remember to add a map with WebSite X5 so everyone knows how to get to the church and create an e-mail form so your guests can write to you. It's quick and easy to publish all the information that's necessary.
The gift list

Everyone will be wanting to give you the right gift. Use your website to let them know what you want or need: you can create a gift list and publish the links to where presents can be bought, or you can open an online store so purchases can be made directly on your site. It'll be appreciated!
A bit of privacy

Not everything needs to be published: some of your thoughts, feelings and pictures are private and you'll only want to share them with your closest friends or with relatives who live a long way away. They can still go on your website, but in a protected area that only those people you give access to can see.

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