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2023.2: Artificial Intelligence is here

WebSite X5
Published in WebSite X5 News · 30 May 2023
Maybe it doesn't seem like it, but when you start developing a website you realize that there is a lot of content to write: long (page content), short (titles) or very short (CTA) content; creative (blog posts) or technical (product sheets) content; content intended to be read by people or by search engines (SEO tags). And, of course, it is essential that all this content is well written.
Unfortunately, however, sometimes we find ourselves a little short of ideas, while other times we need a starting point to overcome the famous writer's block. Still other times we would prefer someone else to take care of the writing of the content directly.

With MagicText, the function based on Artificial Intelligence introduced in the new 2023.2 version of WebSite X5 Pro, you can brilliantly overcome all this: so coming up with new ideas and writing content becomes simple and fast.

MagicText: a new way to write content

Let's proceed in order and try to understand a little better not only what MagicText is, but also how we can use it and what we can achieve with it.

As mentioned, MagicText is an assistant for generating text content based on Artificial Intelligence. Having an active WebSite X5 Pro license, you can use MagicText to write any kind of useful content on your website: titles, SEO titles, paragraphs, ideas and tags.
In practice, you will find a button like this in the fields where you will have to enter text:

All you have to do is click on this button to call the MagicText function.

It's quite simple: you just have to choose the type of text you want to compose and write the important concepts that need to be mentioned.

That's it! One click on the Create Text button and after a few moments you will see the content appear before your eyes. Literally!

At this point, you can copy the text, insert it into your document or go back, change your instructions and ask MagicText to produce another version.

Obviously you will be free to decide whether to use the generated text as it is, or to modify it as you like. In short, you direct and MagicText executes.

All the features of AI at your service

Working with MagicText - we have seen it first hand - is extremely easy. Proceeding in this way you can ask MagicText to:
  • find new ideas: you choose a topic and MagicText will help you find ideas you may not have ever thought of.

  • write headings and paragraphs: MagicText can quickly write any type of text for you. Paragraph after paragraph, even a long article takes shape.

  • write titles and SEO tags: MagicText knows the best practices to write a perfect title for Google and, if you want, uses them.

But not only that! You can also choose the tone with which MagicText will write the content and - even more interesting - you can select the language.

Do you need a professional product sheet, some informal content or an enthusiastic article? No problem.

Does your site also have an English or German version? MagicText can write correctly in these and many other languages!

Finally, MagicText maintains a history of all the content generated during a work session: if you have second thoughts and want to resume a draft that you had initially discarded, you can do it.

The secret of good content? An excellent prompt

The prompt is the set of instructions that are passed to MagicText so that it can generate a piece of content. It's easy to understand that the better the prompt, the better the quality of the generated content will be.

So, the question is: how do you write a good prompt?

You actually don't have to worry about it. In fact, by integrating MagicText into WebSite X5 Pro, we've also made prompt composition as simple as possible.

Basically the prompt is composed automatically by combining:

  • a series of context-related information: for example, the title of the site, the title of the page being worked on, the field from which the AI was called, etc;

  • the choices you have made: the type of text, tone, language;

  • the information you marked as important to mention.

In this way, all you have to do is provided the key concepts, but the prompt will contain all the information necessary to allow you to obtain a relevant and quality piece of content.

The advantages of Artificial Intelligence

At this point, if we want to attempt an initial assessment, there are many pros that tip the pot in favour of Artificial Intelligence. With MagicText:

  • You get professional and engaging content
    Whether you need to write product descriptions, catchy headlines or content for the main pages of your website, MagicText will always offer you the best solution.

  • You save time and energy
    With MagicText, you can quickly generate content adapted to your specific needs: in this way, you optimize the process of creating your website without reducing the quality and effectiveness of your textual content.

  • You have the ultimate in customization and adaptability at your disposal
    The content generated by MagicText is a solid starting point, but you are free to make changes and adapt it to ensure that your content perfectly reflects your vision and the objectives of your website.

  • You can generate content in different languages
    It doesn't matter what the market niche or target audience of your website is: MagicText will provide you with consistent and quality textual content in any language you wish to use.

  • You have an always up-to-date tool at your disposal
    MagicText is based on the Open AI Artificial Intelligence model, which is constantly updated and improved. This means that your website can keep up with the latest industry trends.

Still on the subject of content

In addition to introducing Artificial Intelligence with MagicText, the new 2023.2 version brings with it another function that will make the content on your website simply "flawless": the spell checker.

In short, there are no more excuses: now we have all the tools at our disposal to write good content and to make sure that there are no typos or mistakes.

Now it's time to get to work and get that keyboard going!

PS: Who wrote this post? I admit: MagicText has contributed. Let's say that we wrote it with "4 hands" 😉

As usual, the list of all the latest features included in the new 2023.2 version (and in previous versions) is available on the News Page.

If you already have an active WebSite X5 license, you can install this new version right away. Just launch the program, and you'll find instructions for doing so in just a few clicks.

If your WebSite X5 license has expired, renew it today to receive the new 2023.2 version.

And finally, if you don't have WebSite X5, take this opportunity to purchase it now. The user license includes the Hosting service, a 12-month guarantee of receiving updates and new versions as we release them as well as access to our Priority Assistance service.

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