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Published by Incomedia in Web marketing · 23 December 2018
Today, we’re introducing Dr. Uberto Piccardo, a dentist working in Genoa.
We’ve chosen him to be one of our #incostars.

What is an incostar?
Easy: it's someone with a completely unrelated career, who decided to make their own website despite having no prior experience, and made it happen with WebSite X5.
How did we choose them? We did some research about their field, their story, the kind of website they created, and last but not least, their loyalty to WebSite X5.

Why did we decide to tell our #incostars’ stories?
We hope they will inspire you and anyone who wants to tackle a new project to change their life, make a dream come true, or grow their business.
That is why we created the #incostars initiative in the first place: so you could discover how easy it is to bring your ideas to life with WebSite X5.

Let’s start with our first incostar. Dr. Piccardo.

Dr Piccardo told us that he started out of curiosity. When he decided to purchase WebSite X5, he didn’t even know what making a website meant. He began experimenting, just for fun, and discovered how easy it was to edit sections and insert content into the template he had chosen.
Soon, he had launched a website for his dentist practice, www.dentista-genova-dottpiccardo.it, which is now among the top results in search engine listings.

The perfect partner for beginners

Dr. Piccardo says he never had much time for his website: when he first decided to create it about ten years ago, he was not only just doing it for fun, he knew that he wouldn't be able to spend more than an hour per week on the project.
Dr. Piccardo is curious by nature, as well as ambitious and organized. His search for a suitable tool led him, in the end, to choose WebSite X5.

After a quick glance at its features, Dr. Piccardo knew it was the right choice: he purchased the software and started testing it out. He immediately realized that he just needed to drag and drop images and text to build the pages. Then he could insert the suggested indexing elements to optimize them.

“WebSite X5 is one of the easiest tools to use, and one of the best for neophytes as well as people who have a completely different career and don't know anything about the web – like me”.

The challenge: earn a position at the top of search engine resultsDr. Piccardo thought that positioning his website at the top of search engine results would be tough. Competition from national chains of dentist practices and legal restrictions on marketing in the medical sector certainly didn’t help.
His priority, however was to inform patients about his practice, his skills, and what he could offer, rather than promoting services. What was he to do?

“Creating a website is the first step, but it's not enough.
You need to have a powerful tool for positioning it.”

The result: more than 60% of first appointments come from the web.

Dr. Piccardo’s goal was to obtain new clients and increase his visibility: that is why he chose to take care of every aspect that could help him rise to the top of user searches. How? By publishing useful and interesting content.

The quality of his materials and the optimization provided by WebSite X5 quickly allowed him to rise in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). More importantly, they allowed real contacts by email and telephone, first appointments to the practice, and requests for more information via social media. All of his online marketing activities became more effective, and the results were extraordinary: all thanks to an easily optimized website.

“A well-positioned website made my informational outreach more visible, and therefore led to more contacts.”

I did it myself. You can do it too.“Thanks to WebSite X5, I learned how to make websites, structure them correctly, and position them effectively on the web. For some search keywords, my website actually comes up as the first result: a huge success made possible by WebSite X5.”

You don't need to be a webmaster to create your website and turn your dreams into reality. Follow the example of Dr. Uberto Piccardo, today’s incostar: let your curiosity guide your first steps on the web and try WebSite X5. Make your project come true in just a few moves.

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