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Letizia Bennati shares her work with the world

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 27 December 2018
August 2, 2012: the date that shook up Letizia Bennati’s entire world, and not just because of the earthquakes that struck her country. It was also the eventful summer day on which her son, little Tommaso, was born. A new chapter in her life story began. And not just as a mom.

“I thought about what I could do for Tommaso, for this special baby, and I had an idea: decorating products, diapers, bibs, cards, and more. What would I call it? Tommy’s Cake, obviously!”

After all, Letizia had always been creative, and the thought of combining that passion with the ability to create something that could really be useful for new moms like herself filled her with excitement.
Curious? Read Letizia’s Incostory and find out how determination, creativity, and initiative, together with an exclusive partner like WebSite X5, helped her reach her goals.

The web solution for winning ideas

Why not? That's what Letizia asked herself as she sat down to create her first product. She certainly had plenty of support from her loved ones: her family and friends were the first to receive Letizia’s decorated cards, bibs, and diapers. And as is often the case, they also gave her great advice to help her improve. Her network of clients gradually expanded, as more and more sales took place outside of her family circle. This entrepreneurial mom realized that she had a winning idea, and that she could grow her business even further.

She knew that she needed to make name known in order to reach a wider audience. A dear friend suggested an unexpected solution: why not create a website, and put her work online?
At first, Letizia was doubtful: she didn’t feel at home on the web, she had never done anything like this before, and she wouldn’t know where to start!

But she didn’t let these challenges discourage her. Instead, she put her drawing tools aside for a moment, and with her friend’s help, she set off to find the right solution. That’s how she discovered WebSite X5. The demo version was the first catch Letizia's eye, and she used it to test out her ideas and create a simple draft of her first website.
Creating the website took just a few clicks. Thanks to WebSite X5, tommyscake.it soon went live, without taking too much time away from her creative work. Nor, most importantly, from her precious moments with her child.

An online showcase for her designs

When she created her website, Letizia's main goal was to gain more visibility for her designs. That means showing all of her potential by emphasizing images, which display her products from different angles just like in a colorful window display.

“Creating a website definitely increased the number of people who see my ideas, and I’ve received a lot of responses. I’m very happy to have made one, and to have made it this way.”

Letizia also wanted to put her contact information front and center, so that anyone interested in cute, cake-shaped diaper arrangements could get in touch with her. And the requests poured in! Hers is a winning strategy. In fact, a website should be more than a showcase to display your products to the world: it should also be a secure channel through which you can receive inquiries and increase your portfolio of clients.
Looking back at the first steps of her journey, Letizia still remembers the excitement she felt as the number of requests slowly started to increase: she and her business were growing side-by-side.

New dreams and ideas: adding e-commerce to Tommy’s Cake

Increased visibility through her website allowed Letizia to dream even bigger. She finally achieved her goal and brought her vision to life. But she’s only getting started! Letizia wants to take her business and her website to the next level: an e-commerce store, to open a new world of possibilities for Tommy’s cakes.

“What’s next for Tommy's Cake? I can already see all these little vans traveling around Italy, or maybe even around the world, with the Tommy’s Cake logo stamped on their sides.”

Because there’s always room to grow and improve. And to develop new ambitions, too.

I did it myself. You can do it too.

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