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Create your company website in 3 days. Mission impossible? Not for WebSite X5!

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 3 October 2022
The story we’re about to tell is actually pretty usual: a company realizes the corporate website is old and outdated and decides to finally update it.

In our story, the company is Premobil s.r.l., an Italian home furniture manufacturer founded in 1988, and our hero is Marco Pedoni, an employee who one day is faced with a challenge: recreating the company website from scratch and bringing it online in 4 days only.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, because Marco didn’t lose heart and, with WebSite X5, he created the new website www.premobil.it in 3 days instead of 4. Today, he will tell us how he managed doing it.

Hi Marco, let’s get to know each other first: can you tell us something about yourself?
«Sure! I graduated as an electronic technician but, as it is often the case, I ended up working in a completely different field. In fact, my passion for technical design in 2D and 3D brought me on a different path. Now, I work at Premobil, and I take care of the technical as well as graphic design aspects.»

How long have you been creating websites?
«I have always had a passion for web design, but I haven’t got any specific technical skills. For instance, I don’t know anything about HTML. Because of that, over the years I have looked for and tested many tools which would allow me to work visually. More than 10 years ago I discovered WebSite X5 and, I must say, I honestly think that there isn’t any better software as far as user-friendliness and performance are concerned.»

One day, your company faced you with a “mission impossible”. How did it go?
«Yes, it is clear to us at Premobil that the company website represents a crucial tool to get known and to promote our products. Unfortunately, our website was outdated, and we absolutely needed to renew its style and contents.

However, we had very little time to do this. I only had 4 days to build and publish the new official website online.
I therefore decided to use a WebSite X5 Template. It offered a clean but very attractive layout, which was just perfect to present our furniture collections. I started by customizing the contents and took advantage of the product pages to speed up the process even more. Of course, all the renders and pictures had already been prepared and were ready to be imported. In the end, I managed finishing my task in just 3 days with an amazing result, for me and for the company as well.»

What benefits did the more modern and more functional website bring to the company?
«The new website surely boosted the company image, but we also noticed a big improvement as far as our online visibility is concerned. This probably depends on the fact that I connected our social accounts, which are often used to reach out to us. We don’t sell directly to the public, but can always redirect people who are interested in our products to our trusted retailers. »

What tips would you give to someone who needs to create a company website?
«I think a website should have a good graphic impact, be easily browsable and have a well-structured contact section reporting all the necessary information to communicate with the customers.

Over the years I have created a dozen websites with WebSite X5 and I have always recommended it because, as I mentioned before, I think it is the most simple and user-friendly tool in the field.

So, with WebSite X5 and possibly a little extra time than what I had for this project, I am sure that anyone will be able to build a beautiful company website.»

Thank you, Marco. And congratulations on accomplishing your “mission impossible”.

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