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Designing Spaces, Including Online

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 22 December 2018
Licia Gaia Sortino is an architect: she imagines and creates spaces for a living. From Milan to Dubai, Zambia, and many other countries, her career has been long and successful: it tells of goals achieved and of personal growth built from project to project. Including a personal website.
Discover her story.

An architect with a passion for photography.

A degree in architecture immediately followed by an internship: that’s how Licia’s architecture career began. In addition to a passion for designing and building spaces, she also loves photography. Her many travels provide inspiration for her photojournalism. This made Licia’s needs clear.

“I wanted to share my photos online, in a professional manner. A friend recommended WebSite X5, and my project took off.”

Licia didn’t lose time comparing competing products: she immediately downloaded Incomedia’s software and started building her photography website.

“I didn’t even download the WebSite X5 demo: I trusted my first impressions and jumped right in.”

From a photography website to her personal portfolio

Licia was looking for a program that was affordable and easy-to-use, but which could create a professional, as well as customizable, website. When she used WebSite X5, she realized it was the perfect program for her: she could customize her project the way she wanted it, without needing to know a single line of code.

“I had no intention of learning to write code. With WebSite X5, I didn’t have to.”

Licia’s work is very varied: being an architect can mean designing everything, from a vase to a hotel. That is why she chose to build a website that would emphasize photos.

“My career lets me design anything: from a fork to a skyscraper. A beautiful image tells viewers exactly who I am and what I do.”

That was Licia’s approach in creating a portfolio website: a space where she can showcase some of her projects with a simple, clean, and eye-catching design.

archlgs.com is my portfolio. It's a timeline of the work I've done to date.”

Green stories, another one of Licia’s winning projects

Licia is a strong and independent woman, who is used to doing things with her own hands. That’s why, when her partner decided to make a website for his green spaces design studio, she offered to do it herself using WebSite X5. Trame Verdi (Green Stories) focuses on garden design. Licia handles the purely architectural aspects, and her partner handles the landscape design. The simple, functional site is designed in way that makes updating it intuitive: Licia set up the newsfeed so that the newest updates always show up first, followed by older items.

This website has been very important for Licia’s work, as well as for that of her partner: the simple structure and enough space for the images increased both website visits and contact requests. Not bad, right?

“Trame Verdi helped me make a name for myself in the field of garden design. Thanks to the simple, eye-catching design, I saw an increase in visits and requests for quotes.”

As for the future? Many updates and maybe a blog

Licia is happy with her choice: when it comes to the future, she plans to continue her architectural projects and to keep updating her website so that visitors can always see her latest work.
Later on, she’d also like to include a blog: to tell her readers about the work, the effort, as well as the lovely moments hidden behind each project.
For now, Licia divides her time between architecture and being a full-time mom. Despite her workload, she always finds time to update her website and recommend WebSite X5 to her friends.

“I recommend it to everyone: WebSite X5 is easy to use and grants professional, customized results, even if you don't have much free time.”

I did it myself. You can do it too.

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