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An online art gallery for Gerard Slegers

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 14 July 2022
Art is expression and elevation of one’s spirit. Something intimate, which however communicates with those who benefit from it. Because of this, each art form needs its own space where it can take advantage of the visibility it deserves.

Today, in addition to exhibitions and galleries, artists can rely on an extra showcase: the Internet. On top of that, and especially following the restrictions introduced with the pandemic emergency, the web has proven to be a real lifeline for artists all over the world. The painter Gerard Slegers is one of them: he used WebSite X5 to create his website http://www.gslegers.nl, his own online exhibition space where he can display and sell his unique art.

Hi Gerard, let’s start: now you’re a full-time painter but you haven’t always been, have you?
«Hi! It’s true. My passion for art has always been there, but it hasn’t always been my job. For many years, I worked as an audiovisual assistant in several psychiatric institutions. I was in charge of making films and interviews with the patients, and developed e-learning programs for psychiatrist training. Since I retired, however, I became a full-time painter.»

Why did you decide to build a website at one stage?
«If I’d reply with a single word, it’d be: visibility.

I decided to create a website years ago, when I realized that a website had a unique chance of becoming popular both nationally and internationally.

In the past, when potential customers contacted me, I had to send them photos and information via email, and this was pretty time-consuming. Now, thanks to my website, they can get an idea of my work even before visiting my atelier, and when they do, they already know what they will find there.»

Do you think your efforts paid off?
«Of course. The website really boosted my activity as a painter: it makes it easier for me to access exhibitions and events, as well as find potential customers and get an economic reward for my efforts too.

I then have to admit that my website has been crucial especially during these two Covid-19 years, with all the shutdowns and lockdowns we experienced: it kept my business alive. Without a website, it would have been a lot more difficult!»

Did you have any particular needs when you realized you had to create a website?
«I didn’t have any specific technical needs: for me, the most important thing was to be able to give an online overview of my paintings, as well as to easily keep my website up-to-date whenever I had a new entry to my list.

I surely required a good contact page though: today, those who are interested in my art work can directly contact me on my website.

It may have taken some time in the beginning, especially because I was a novice, but the results definitely pay off!»

Did you already know about WebSite X5 at this point?
«Not really. As it often happens, I did try several software programs before choosing WebSite X5.

At the time, the solutions I tried were available on CD and DVD. Most of them were suitable, but they were not user-friendly and that’s what I was looking for: at the end of the day, I am a painter, not a web designer.

One day, I was visiting an online review portal, and I came across WebSite X5. The description impressed me, so I decided to buy the CD and since then I keep the software updated just to make sure my website is up-to-date too. »

What convinced you that WebSite X5 was indeed the tool you were looking for?
«First and foremost, the user-friendliness I was mentioning earlier. The workspace is simple and clear, and it leads you step by step during the creation process, this is perfect for those who have little experience. Not much can go wrong, really!

On top of that, there are many functions which convinced me that I had found the best solution for me: many templates for example, that can be used as a preset and fully customizable design when you create your website.

I have been using WebSite X5 for years now - I also had the chance to recommend it because it’s just so easy to use - and I must say, I’m really satisfied with it!»

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