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Together with Fondazione Progetto Arca for the new Mobile Kitchen in Rome

Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 3 February 2022
Life is often unpredictable: paths intertwine and new situations arise, which - it is soon clear - are destined to bear new fruits.

This is exactly what happened last year. Incomedia's path crossed with that of Progetto Arca non-profit Organisation and it was evident that they were the friends we were waiting for: those who could help us help others, to do something concrete to improve the conditions of those who, already on the margins of society or in fragile conditions, find themselves even more exposed because of the ongoing pandemic.

Progetto Arca non-profit Organisation. Their motto: "Help first, always".

Fondazione Progetto Arca has a history of almost thirty years of hospitality, assistance and food support for those living in a state of poverty and social marginalization, especially the homeless and needy families.

In Milan, it had already set up a food truck and created a Mobile Kitchen with which it distributed 150 hot meals a day.

It wanted to extend the service to Rome: how could we just stand by?

The Rome Mobile Kitchen. A goal achieved thanks to Incomedia.💛

We liked the project immediately: a food truck is a real kitchen on 4 wheels, equipped with an oven, stove, and kettles. It is autonomous and travels the streets, distributing complete, hot meals to the homeless people it meets along its route.

We are proud to have contributed to the creation of the Rome Mobile Kitchen. It will be inaugurated on Thursday, February 17th, at 11 am, in St. Peter's Square (corner of via Rusticucci) and will be operational that same evening.

Our next goal. 1,000 hot meals, now!

There is still a lot to do, however: now that the Rome Mobile Kitchen is here and active, we must be able to guarantee the necessary hot meals. This is why we have decided to launch a solidarity campaign. Starting today, we will donate 5 hot meals for each Pro, 3 for each Evo and 1 for each Go to the Progetto Arca non-profit Organisation. We want to reach 1,000 as soon as possible.

Your investment will multiply threefold:

  • you will have the software you need to create your site
  • you will provide a hot meal for those most in need
  • you will have the joy of having done something good

Alberto Sinigallia, president of Progetto Arca non-profit Organisation, never gets tired of saying:

Let's all work together to support our friends at Fondazione Progetto Arca so that they help as many people as possible. To find out what they do every day: www.progettoarca.org

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