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I'm dropping everything and opening a pastry shop. The turning point in Federico's life also passes through the internet.

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 16 February 2023
Post written by Federico and Stefano Ranfagni, CEO and CTO of Incomedia.

Federico Battaglia is a true friend. One of those with whom we shared beach holidays as children and, as adults, numerous family lunches and gatherings at the lake during important occasions. Years ago, he decided to make a radical change in his life. He moved from Milan to Valencia and went from being a lawyer to a pastry chef. At that point, he needed to put together a website for his shop, and we (of course!) advised him to do so with WebSite X5. Today, Federico is the happy creator and manager of the website http://www.fedemuyrico.es

He may be a bit biased 😉, but we're very happy to share his experience with you.   

Hi Fede, how about telling everyone a little bit about yourself?
"I'd love to! I'm 47 years old, and I now live in the fabulous city of Valencia, where I'm a pastry chef. I still love law. In my previous life, in fact, I lived in Milan, and I was a lawyer.

But fourteen years of practicing law were enough for me to understand that I needed something different,  so I gathered up my courage and left for Valencia. Here, I began to cultivate my passion for pastry. I attended courses and obtained a professional pastry certificate. I was then able to open my first "Fedemuyrico" shop.

In the beginning, I only catered to bars and restaurants. Then I opened up to everyone with my shop in the Ruzafa Market, located in one of the most iconic and cosmopolitan parts of the city.

It hasn't always been easy, but I'm happy with the choices I've made."

…then one day we spoke, and you asked us for advice…
"Exactly. Once the shop opened, one of my recurring thoughts was, 'What can I do to promote it? How do I find new customers?'

I soon realized that I needed a website and, at that point, the easiest thing was to ask you. I knew you had developed dedicated software even though, and I have to be honest here, I had never bothered to look into it much.

You explained to me that WebSite X5 was made especially for people like me: professionals working in the most diverse fields who are looking for an easy, fast and economical tool for creating their own web pages.

I tried it, and I have to say you were absolutely right."

What was it like to create your shop's site with WebSite X5?
"It was, and still is, a great source of satisfaction; the same satisfaction one feels about a cake that turned out well.

I won't deny that in the beginning, I had some doubts. Would I be able to complete it? And, above all, would I be able to create an attractive and functional site? I've been a lawyer and now I'm a pastry chef, but I never considered myself a web designer!

The website had to be the shop's business card. It couldn't be unattractive or unprofessional.

However, in the end, I decided to trust you, and I did a great job.

I love working with WebSite X5. I appreciate composing the pages in a visual way without having to deal with code. I've been using it for years now. I've seen it grow from version to version, and I'm still thrilled with it."

For the online promotion of your shop, you've created a website along with social media profiles. How do you use those?            
"Unfortunately, I don't always have the time to follow the shop's Facebook and Instagram accounts as closely as I'd like.
In any case, I think they're important, but they can't replace the website. The site, like the physical shop it represents, is mine. Its pages are "home". Conversely, on social networks, I'm always the guest of someone whose rules I have to follow.

On the site, I can present my projects and my creations, and I can take the space to bring out the human side as well.

After all, behind every business, there's always a person with their own experiences, dreams and passions.

And I always have new ideas to propose.

What kind of new ideas?
"Not just new cakes or new cupcake flavors.

For example, since I enjoy hosting people in my laboratory, I began offering courses. I teach people how to make lasagna, gnocchi and pizza using my mother's famous recipes.

Then recently, I thought of creating the "Patas Bravas" line of biscuits. Even our dogs have a sweet tooth.

Each idea finds its place among the site's pages and, consequently, its audience of admirers who then come to the shop."

And if you were to attempt a budget?     
"Absolutely positive. I have a website that I like and that I can manage on my own, despite having neither great technical skills nor much time to devote to it.

The investment required to maintain the site is low and, above all, pays off easily through the visibility it guarantees me.
In fact, my clientele doesn't consist only of people who live in the neighborhood. A lot of people find me online through Google Search and Google Maps. I know that they arrive first on my site, where they're enticed by the photos they find, and then they come to my shop to try my specialities.

In short, and I'm not saying this just because we're longtime friends, with WebSite X5, we really hit the jackpot."

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