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Silvia Venturi's Dream E-Commerce Store

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 13 December 2018
Every now and then we need to be told a story, even if it’s just to get a little bit of inspiration. That is why we started #incostories.

Twenty years after launching WebSite X5, we decided to learn more about the people who chose us. So we asked ourselves whether, among the thousands of creations now online thanks to our program, there might be some with a particular kind of story; a story of dreams, of lots of courage and passion, transformed into work and success. We found lots, and decided to tell them. They all have a common thread: they are tales of ordinary people who at some point decided to focus on themselves and create something personal. WebSite X5’s simplicity did the rest.

Here is the first incostory: Silvia Venturi’s dream e-commerce.

The beginning of a beautiful story

Silvia was doing something completely different with her life: after studying graphic design and receiving a degree in Communications Science, her first job was at a garden center just outside of Milan, then she spent two years working for a door-to-door sales agency. But Silvia still dreamed of building something for herself. Something which would grant her autonomy and independence.

One day, while she was on vacation, she decided to try to build a site to sell something tied to her passion: fashion. Silvia loved t-shirts with distinctive prints but she had no experience building a website, so she started asking around for advice and doing some Internet research. When she discovered WebSite X5, she realized it was the perfect product for her: the program allowed her to achieve professional results without having to study user manuals or watching webinars.

Overcoming an Obstacle

WebSite X5 also captured Silvia's attention over because it gave her the freedom to personalize. As a graphic designer, she really appreciated the ability to create many customizations that made her e-commerce store unique. Once online, she was so satisfied with the website she created with her own hands that she decided not to change software even after buying a Mac computer. Instead, Silvia installed an emulator, a software that can run Windows on an MacOS device, and she continued to use WebSite X5. The decision was simple and effective.
What was it Walt Disney said? "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Her success: From a modest dream to a great reality

Once she built her e-commerce portal and started getting social media referrals, Silvia received more and more consistent orders, allowing her to quit her day job and focus exclusively on her online shop. Her dream was beginning to come true.

After a few years, the tremendous level of demand led Silvia to make the bittersweet decision of leaving WebSite X5 and begin working with an agency that could help her manage her inventory and further expand her capabilities. But Silvia’s experience with WebSite X5 isn't over: she liked our software so much that she used it to create four other websites. One for her mom’s business, one for her brother, one for her boyfriend. And one for her long-standing passion for graphic design.
A desire fulfilled, a dream come true. It all started with the ambition of working for herself, with the help of a precise tool: WebSite X5.

Thank you Silvia for sharing your story. We hope it will inspire you, our readers: never give up on your dream. It’s easy: do it yourself.
Want to learn more?Download the PDF to read the full story of Silvia and get a gift right away to create your first website.
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