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Combining Two Creative Passions in a Successful Project

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 24 December 2018
Elena Martini is 28 years old and is just one step away from obtaining her computer science degree. She’s always nurtured two passions: ever since she was little, Elena always loved art. She was so inspired by colors that she started painting.

That means she is technology-minded, but definitely also creative. A few years ago, however, thanks to a TV show, Elena learned about face painting.
After starting out almost randomly, she became a participating artist in one of its biggest international festivals.
Discover her story.

From painting mom's face to working with professional models

Elena started by painting her own face, learning the subtle art of body painting, before moving on to painting her family members. As her expertise and self-confidence grew, she began working with professional models. By then, she needed a website: so her passion for computers came into play.

As part of her university studies, in fact, Elena took a class that required her to build a website. As she and her classmates browsed the web, she found WebSite X5. Curious, she decided to try the demo and then ended up buying it.
Elena not only found the tool she needed to pass the exam, she also found an ally for building her personal website.

“I discovered WebSite X5 during a university class: I liked it so much that a little while later, I decided to use to design my personal website.”

A Mac-lover who uses Windows products

Simple and intuitive: that’s how Elena describes WebSite X5. Especially for people who aren’t necessarily web design experts. Even though she uses a Mac, Elena decided to keep using Incomedia’s software: she just installed Parallels Desktop, an application that runs Windows on Mac without needing to re-boot. Elena says she wouldn't trade WebSite X5 speed and ease-of-use for anything in the world.

“Being able to go through the steps for designing a website so quickly is exactly what led me to use WebSite X5 again.” 

Visibility Soon Followed

Elena tells us that working with WebSite X5 allowed her to simplify a job that otherwise would have been long and complex, while also allowing her creativity to run free by inserting a little code herself. Since her website was about art, Elena wanted a lot of room for the photos, and also added all of the social media channels she uses to promote her work.
A beautiful, clean template that is both intuitive and colorful allowed her to improve the quality of her website and increase the time visitors spend on it. All of this granted her a lot of visibility: Elena’s work is viewed by a wide audience, allowing her to create new face- and body painting projects.

“Online visibility allowed my work to be seen by a much wider audience, which allowed me to create new projects.”

The Future Begins with the International Face Painting Festival in Klagenfurt

With her new website, www.ennamakeup.com, Elena gained the visibility she needed to grow beyond Italy’s borders: thanks to an increase of international fans, in fact, the young artist decided to participate in the international face painting festival in Klagenfurt, Austria. To welcome foreign visitors, Elena is considering making an English version of her website: for now, she's only enabled reviews in English.

A dream achieved with a lot of passion and just a few clicks.

As for the future? Elena plans to continue combining her passions for art and computers, and continues to rely on WebSite X5, which she recommends to all her friends.

“I absolutely recommend this software because it makes designing a website easy, even for someone who has never made one before.”

I did it myself. You can do it too.
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