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An instrument maker and his ancient art go digital

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 31 December 2018
Instrument making is one of the few arts in the world that can boast a tradition of artisanship that has been passed down nearly unchanged over the past 1,500 years.
Edo Sartori is a Venetian instrument maker inspired by the Cremonese school, which is the best in the world. When he chose to pursue this path, he also decided to share his art online by creating his own website. That is why Edo became one of our #incostars: he did it all himself.
Discover the whole story.

A slow but determined journey toward success

Edo Sartori didn’t start out creating string instruments: he received his diploma in electrical engineering, then began his career at his family’s knitwear company.

Edo worked there for twenty years, even though he always kept dreaming about the world of violins, violas, and cellos…
He took it slow, but remained determined: after twenty years, Edo decided it was time to turn these dreams into reality. So he left the family business and began studying instrument making. He started out studying the craft alone and teaching himself, then attended specialist courses and seminars throughout northern Italy.

As he immersed himself in the ancient art of instrument making, he began to receive recognition: his creations started to stand out and gain a following.
It was time to bring them online and take his project to the next level.

Online & offline: bringing the two worlds together

The art of instrument making is very ancient, but Edo isn’t stuck in the past: he wanted to use the web to showcase his original pieces and promote his store. This led him to search Google for a tool that could help him with this project.
He was amazed by what he read about WebSite X5, which was described as easy-to-use software that allowed users to build their own websites quickly. That was just what Edo needed, since he had no knowledge of programming languages and didn’t have time to study them.
So he decided to try the demo version of the software: improvisation isn’t as strong suit for him, he prefers to test out a solution first.

“I searched Google for a program that could help me. WebSite X5 seemed like the most intuitive solution, and its simplicity won me over.”

After trying the demo, Edo decided to purchase Incomedia's software to improve his project.

“I liked WebSite X5 because it allowed me to create a website quickly, while working fluidly and being sure of the results. Once you’ve completed the five steps, you know for sure that everything works.”

Visibility ad contacts: mission accomplished

Edo wanted to create a practical website with a clean design to showcase his original works and promote his workshop. In fact, his online display window is essential for earning the trust of musicians in specialized stores both in Italy and beyond.

“A website is crucial for getting your name out there and showcasing your work. It helps people get in touch with you.”

He decided to use a pre-made template so he could go online quickly: in just a few steps, he replaced the default images with photos of his violins, added text and contact information, and launched his project online.
The inquiries soon started coming in: from Italian musicians who wanted to see his products for themselves and requested meetings.
But it didn’t end there: Edo also received inquiries from abroad, from specialist stores with whom, over time, he has developed trusting relationships.
The website is also only part of his web presence: Edo maintains a profile on Facebook, through which he also receives international inquiries.

“I sell a lot of my work abroad, to specialist stores who sell artisanal string instruments. My website has allowed me to establish relationships with these stores, who trust me and contact me through the form. Meanwhile, social media allows me to be a global craftsman.”

Edo's future: international competitions and video shoots

With WebSite X5, Edo created a website that reflected his goals: in just five steps, he was able to share his art through a showcase of the instruments he has perfected over the years.
As for the future, he has many projects in the pipeline.
First of all, he wants to participate in the 15th edition of the prestigious Antonio Stradivari International Triennial Competition of Stringed Instrument Making, considered the “World Finals” for instrument makers.
He also has plenty more ideas for his website: Edo is thinking about adding videos so visitors can see and hear his instruments being played, which would complete even more the web experience.

“I’m preparing for the future: I want to participate in international competitions and to continue to work on my creations, including my website.”

He also wants to add some technical content to provide a more detailed view of the ancient art of creating and repairing string instruments.
His website will continue to introduce his products to more and more musicians around the world.

I did it myself. You can do it too.

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