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Create your landing page
You already have your webpage. That's great! People click on your marketing emails or Google Ads and they are led to your webpage, but... What part of your webpage? Where should they click? You don't want them to get lost with too many menus and close the web browser tab with your website. A simple but appealing Landing Page in just one click can lead your potential clients exactly to where you want them to go: discover how easy it is to create landing pages with WebSite X5!  

Landing Page Creator: useful tips

Our Landing Page Creator Tool software makes it for you as easy as a piece of cake.
Here are some important tips and tricks to follow while using WebSite X5 to make a landing page:

Think first what your potential clients want and what do you want them to do.
Limit the number of clicks to access your Landing Page to the minimum.
Simplicity is the key: no complicated forms or multiple choices.
Use attractive call-to-action buttons that prompt to click.

How to create a Landing Page for a website

Download WebSite X5

After downloading our friendly and easy-to-use software, install it on your computer and follow the instructions. With a few clicks, you are ready to begin.  

Choose among dozens of Landing Page Templates

Pick up one among the available Landing Page templates, our software will guide you step by step to choose the best one for you and help you to customize it.  

Make your Landing Page

Now it’s time to publish your Landing Page adding content, images, text, email forms, social media links, etc. to make it attractive and engaging.

How should a Landing Page be? Responsive!

Most people go online with their mobile devices.

Let’s imagine that your next potential customer reads your email in his phone, clicks on the link to your Landing Page but he can’t click on the call-to-action button because your Landing Page is not compatible with mobile phone browsers. Oh No! You have lost a new client!

To be responsive, your Landing Page must be adapted to mobile platforms avoiding incompatibility issues or weird design.

How can we help?

Log into our Help Center from your WebSite X5 account and let our multilingual Support Team help you with the software. You can also ask the community for help, or learn on your own using tutorials and online guides created with you in mind. Not registered yet? Contact us.

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