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Restaurant websites

An evening out with friends: ready for dinner?
Out with the smartphone to find a restaurant, read the menu, have a look at the comments and check how to get there.
Make sure it's your restaurant they find first and choose: create your own website with WebSite X5.
You don't need to be a web designer: you can create an attractive
and professional website by yourself that works perfectly on mobile devices.

Restaurants, Pizzerias, Country B&B...
good food in every way

Make your restaurant...

Stand out from the crowd

Is the style of your location rustic, contemporary or sophisticated? Make sure your website reflects it. Choose from over 500 ready-to-use templates, or create your own. Select the best photos to import and arrange them in galleries, add videos and give the text the best formatting you can.
With WebSite X5, you can see the results of everything you do immediately. You can work on every single element and create content-rich and well-structured pages.
Let your dishes talk for you

Unfortunately visitors can't taste your food on the Internet or smell its delicious aroma. But you can show them fantastic photos and find the right words to describe the flavour. You may even want to share some of your secrets and publish a few recipes, maybe the simpler ones. If you think about it, you've got a lot to say, and you can do it by starting a blog.
Make their mouth water just with an enticing description and picture, and you'll have guests flocking to your tables!
Be available

Don't forget to include a "Contacts" page: make sure your contacts are clear, add a Google Maps to show where you are and remember to include an e-mail form so people can write to you. If you want to reach new markets and an international public, it may be worth investing in translating your website into different languages. With WebSite X5 it's easy to set up a choice of languages for your site and manage different alphabets, including Russian, Japanese and Arabic.
Help people find you

On the web, from desktops and from mobile devices, but also from the social networks.
You can include buttons for all the social networks with WebSite X5, and you won't have to duplicate the site for a mobile version: your website is responsive and adapts perfectly to being displayed on any device.
What's more, thanks to the HTML5 code and the simple page optimization procedure, search engines will index the pages correctly and give you the visibility you deserve.
Sell online

Merchandising, craftwork and local specialities: you can sell all these things, not just locally but also on the Internet. Open an online store with WebSite X5.
Create a product catalog, set up discounts and offers, define alternative payment methods (including credit card management), monitor orders and stock levels from an online control panel. It's easy and you'll reach a wider public.
Accept bookings

Once your restaurant is online and publicized, you'll have a full house every day with all the extra bookings you receive.
You could just give a phone number or email address, but with WebSite X5 you can do more: it's quick and simple to integrate a fully-functional online booking service, which will make everything much easier, more professional and more satisfactory all round.

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