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Create your video website
People love watching videos. A puppy rolling over, funny videos recorded in your last holidays, parties and other unforgettable times… So why don’t you create your video website to share all of your videos with your audience and people you know? Find out how quick and easy it is to design a video website with our software WebSite X5!

Why creating a video website?

With a well-structured and user-friendly video website, you can:

upload and import videos from popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
lead your visitors to watch, rate and comment on the uploaded videos.
last but not least, have fun with your hobby!

Start now with our ready-to-use Full Templates



Glow Music Festival

FP Webservice

How to create a video website

Download the software

First of all, download WebSite X5, our friendly and easy-to-use software, and install it on your computer just following the instructions.

Pick up the template

You can choose among some video website templates: our software will guide you step by step to choose the best template style and help you customising it for your video website.

Publish your content

Drag and drop content, images, text, email forms and… of course your first videos! Invite others to upload videos or links from other video platforms and social media.

How to design the best video website

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for a well-designed and attracting video website:

Make it compatible with mobile devices.
Add quick “share” links for WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. adding your website address… Free advertising for you!
A participative How-To section with tutorials, video converter tools, video-gadgets reviews, etc.
Allow visitors to vote and leave opinions. Create a “most voted”, “most viewed”, “worst video” categories to get your visitors and members involved.
Avoid a cluttered website with too many links and tiny photos.
Keep the same layout and don’t move the most popular sections.
Adverts shouldn’t be too invasive.

Your video website will be soon very popular. That’s all, it couldn’t be easier!

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How can we help?

Log into our Help Center from your WebSite X5 account and let our multilingual Support Team help you with the software. You can also ask the community for help, or learn on your own using tutorials and online guides created with you in mind. Not registered yet? Contact us.

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