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How to start a blog:
Create and easily set it up with WebSite X5

Promote yourself online and get social

Make yourself heard

Mix text, images and videos to create amazing content. If you use an editorial calendar, schedule your posts and publish them when you like it. Enable comments to get in touch with your community.
Rank higher in search results

With WebSite X5 Title Tag options you'll learn to write for the web in a snap. From a simple drop-drown menu in the editor you can select the tags from H1 to H6 and associate them to the text. Attracting new readers has never been easier.

Get social powers

Add Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to grow your online presence. Pick the free social plugins from the Marketplace  to connect your social accounts to your blog and get popular on the web.

What else can I do for my blog?

Manage comments from mobile
Get WebSite X5 Manager app included with Professional to moderate and respond to comments from your smartphone or tablet. Start now and keep in touch with your community from your Android device or iPhone and iPad.
FeedReady for updates
Invite your readers to download FeedReady for Android and iOS on their mobile devices. With this free app they'll stay up-to-date and read your posts even from smartphones.

Download FeedReady for iOS and Android
Disqus and Facebook Integration
Add Facebook and Disqus services for advanced comment management. Power up your blog and build a highly engaged online community.

Ratings and Reviews

Get ratings or comments on your blog. Go for making comments directly online or only under your approval. You can sort them by date and set a rating graphic design. Save data on the server and allow users to report any abuse.

Try now for free with no time limits

Stay up to Date
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