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Why a website is important for a photographer: Vincenzo's story

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 12 November 2019
For most photographers, having a website is an important part of running their business. In fact, an online space where they can showcase their work is a key factor in gaining visibility and becoming successful. These days, a website is much more than just a portfolio: it's a means of building real, authentic connections with visitors, earning their trust and turning them into clients. Vincenzo Errico knows this well. His photography career is founded on great passion and professionalism: his website only caps off a long, artistic journey.
This is Vincenzo’s story.

Vincenzo: from passion to profession

Vincenzo Errico is 47 years old, and has been a wedding photographer for over 25 years. Although he discovered this passion at an early age, Vincenzo didn't pursue it as a career right away. First, he attended radiology school: a completely different path than his current one. But then, passion won out. Vincenzo used to photograph people and landscapes, then reproducing those images using pencil and paper, until the camera won out. Photography became his trade, his profession. Specifically, Vincenzo specialized in wedding photography.
How? By attending many courses and workshops to stay up to date.

From a physical photography studio to an online showcase

After many years of experience spent working alongside professional photographers, Vincenzo decided to open his own photography studio. It was the year 2000: at the time, he exclusively photographed weddings, although he later broadened his practice to include architecture and interior design.

It was this desire for growth that required him to create his own website. Vincenzo wanted to continue to expand his audience, and overcome the limitations of geographical location. So he looked for a solution that would allow him to create his own website himself, while still granting him the flexibility to achieve the results he had in mind. After some research, he chose WebSite X5.

My website was born from a desire to expand my audience and overcome geographic limitations, which allowed me to work with clients from all over Italy, and even abroad.

A successful site is a site that’s up-to-date and multilingual

Over the years, Vincenzo's strategies for making his name known and promoting his business has evolved. His first website, www.vincenzoerrico.com, is now around 15 years old, and is still a key tool for gaining visibility.

It’s all thanks to regular updates and an English language version: Vincenzo spends a little bit of time on it each week, adding photos and organizing content, and he took advantage of WebSite X5's features to add an English language option. Because times are changing, the market is becoming increasingly globalized, and your online showcase must respond to these changes.

I travel all around Italy and wherever my photography is appreciated. For a few years now, I’ve been gaining more foreign clients. This is especially thanks to my website’s English language version.

Why choose WebSite X5?

Vincenzo found WebSite X5 on the shelf of a local computer and electronics store, and he’s stuck with it ever since, simply keeping up with software updates.

At first, he had looked into certain popular CMS platforms, but WebSite X5 seemed significantly easier to use and more functional, especially since he didn't know anything about coding.

I tried a popular CMS, but I didn't feel comfortable using it. I wanted something simpler and more functional, and then I stumbled across WebSite X5. It was exactly what I was looking for.

In addition to how easy the software is to use, and its regular updates, Vincenzo was impressed by WebSite X5's image galleries: a crucial feature for best displaying his photography, this ended up being one of the many elements of the software to win him over. The contact form, for example, also allows him to manage his relationships with clients.

From one site to another, with ease

Over the years, in addition to his main website, which deals with wedding photography, Vincenzo created another professional website for his architecture and interior design photography. WebSite X5 made it easy: the program's five step guide helps users reach their goals effectively.

So what’s next for Vincenzo? He’s focusing on keeping his websites current and updated, and then who knows!
The web is a big place, but a powerful website can take you anywhere.

Want to discover WebSite X5's potential for yourself? Start for free.

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