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2023.1: Discover what's new that'll make you say "Wow"

WebSite X5 Blog
Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 28 February 2023
A new year, a new interface!
Yes, we've decided to start off 2023 by giving WebSite X5 a User Interface with new colors and lines, and we've made this change the centerpiece of  Version 2023.1, this year's first new release.

Obviously, we didn't limit ourselves to the interface, since (as is usually the case) ideas and concepts fit together and often lead to unexpected unanticipated goals.

So, let's take a look at all the new features of Version 2023.1 and discover how they can help us make our sites even more attractive and functional, making us say “Wow!”.

User interface

Updating the Graphical Interface of software is not a simple "aesthetic bonus" -- something that, if it's done it's fine, but it doesn't matter if it's not improved.

Think of an artisan's workshop. He or she spends most of their day there, and it contains all the tools needed. What would happen if the rooms were never refreshed or the now obsolete tools weren't replaced, or it was never organized or cleaned? The artisan would find him or herself working poorly in an unpleasant and chaotic environment.

It's the same with software. A workshop is a virtual environment in which you should feel comfortable and able to quickly and easily find what you need when you need it.

In this way, we've taken the style and logic of Windows 11, a system with which many of you are already familiar, and we've revisited the colors, shapes, spaces and textures of WebSite X5. The result is a more up-to-date, orderly and welcoming environment that promotes concentration and, consequently, supports productivity.

Image Lists + SEO

Speaking of the tools to be revisited… the image galleries. We've always liked them a lot, but the rather long lists with the names of the imported files, not so much! Gray unattractive and unusable lists.

Luckily, that's all fixed. We've made sure that each image and video in a gallery is represented by a thumbnail.

You can drag the thumbnails to arrange them as you' prefer and use the toolbar buttons to define all the properties. Among other things, you can now also specify a Title and an Alternative Text for these images to serve as an extra tool for the SEO optimization of your pages.

Edit from Browser

If, on the other hand, we're talking about shortcuts, i.e., ways to speed up a step or procedure, we've introduced one you'll be quite happy with.

Here's how it works: you open the preview in your site's local browser, and you realize you prefer to change something in it, for example, the title.

Here's what you need to do: simply click on the button to enter editing mode, then click directly on the text you wish to change in the preview. WebSite X5 automatically opens the Object Settings window, so you can immediately change what you prefer without having to waste time to look for it.

As you can imagine, especially when your pages are complex and have a lot of content, this is a surefire way to go. Practical and effective!

Minimum order

We didn't want to release a new version without including something for e-commerce as well. Therefore, we've introduced (only for the Pro edition) an option to specify a minimum order amount for each product added to a cart.

If, for example, it's not convenient for you to accept an order of less than three jars of acacia honey in your organic products store, you can set this threshold. The customer will be notified, and you won't receive orders with incorrect quantities.

Everything will be clearer and more efficient for your satisfaction as well as for your customers' satisfaction.

What else?

We decided that the new version had to be not only inside WebSite X5 but also on the outside, in the websites that are created with the software. We replaced ten of the default Pro templates and five of the Evo default templates. We hope they'll inspire you for your next projects.

Finally, the issue of data security is growing more and more relevant. One of the best practices is making software and language updates, so we've added the support of servers using PHP v8.2.

We'll stop here for this year's first version. As you update and explore everything you can do with WebSite X5, we'll be getting back to work.

There are so many new ideas in the pipeline that we're eager to develop and offer you!

As usual, the list of all the latest features included in the new 2023.1 version (and in previous versions) is available on the News Page.

If you already have an active WebSite X5 license, you can install this new version right away. Just launch the program, and you'll find instructions for doing so in just a few clicks.

If your WebSite X5 license has expired, renew it today to receive the new 2023.1 version.

And finally, if you don't have WebSite X5, take this opportunity to purchase it now. The user license includes the Hosting service, a 12-month guarantee of receiving updates and new versions as we release them as well as access to our Priority Assistance service.

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