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One license, many advantages

Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 14 October 2019
Nearly 2 years ago, we decided to launch a new system for releasing updates and new versions for WebSite X5. This new model allowed for more frequent and regular releases than before, and most importantly, included the guarantee of receiving all updates for the 12 months.

To make the transitions easier, we named this guarantee Update Protection.

Now, looking back, we realize that there’s no longer any need to keep talking about “Update Protection” because the guarantee of receiving 12 months of updates and new versions is simply a feature of the WebSite X5 license itself. Now that this system has been adopted, the guarantee no longer needs a name that defines it as an additional product/service.

That's why from now on, you'll no longer hear about Update Protection, even though the system for releasing and selling WebSite X5 is NOT changing.

Let's sum up the most important points to make sure everyone is on the same page:
  • When you purchase WebSite X5, you receive a user license for the current version, which includes the guarantee of receiving all the updates and new versions that will be released for the next 12 months.
  • In addition to the updates and new versions, you'll also enjoy the following advantages during the license's 12 month validity period:
    • Priority Assistance service;
    • the latest guides, videos, and tutorials;
    • exclusive discounts on other services and products.
  • At the end of the 12 months, the license expires and you can renew it for another 12 months while benefiting from special discounts and promotions.
  • If your license is expired, you can no longer download updates and new versions, nor can you use the Priority Assistance service. However, you can continue to work with the last version of the software you installed.

If you've purchased a WebSite X5 license in the past, you know how this works because you already received the guarantee that allowed you to download updates and new versions for 12 months. And not only were there a lot of releases, they were full of interesting new features. Among other things, we introduced CSS Grid Layout and Google AMP technology, we developed parallax and the Full Width and Full Height effects; we added SEO optimization options for web pages and developed the online shopping cart as well as the blog; we also published new Objects and Templates. For a complete list, visit the News page.

Now, in addition to receiving updates and new versions, keeping your license active also offers other additional benefits. First of all, you'll be able to enjoy access to the Priority Assistance service. Second, you'll also be able to participate in Program Preview, so that you can be among the first to know what's next for WebSite X5 and get a concrete, advance look at what we're developing.

With all that, we can conclude by saying that keeping your software licenses active - regardless of which software you use - is always the right decision. We release updates and new versions in order to introduce new features and adapt our software to new developments in the field. Specifically, because the Web changes every day and it's very important to stay updated to make sure your sites don't encounter browser compatibility problems or become vulnerable.

We strive to provide you with the tools you need to keep your website on top of the competition. Join us in this adventure.

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