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2021.1: Here we go again

WebSite X5 Blog
Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 2 February 2021
You know how, when times get tough, you suddenly feel the need to change something? You might get a new haircut, paint your walls, or re-arrange your furniture.
As we put the difficulties of 2020 behind us and looked for motivation to face the challenges of 2021, we also felt that desire to change something. So we responded in our own way: be giving our favorite software, WebSite X5, a design interface makeover.

Of course, one thing led to another: we also took the opportunity to re-organize some processes to make work more intuitive, sowing the "seeds" for the new ideas that will "bloom" over the course of this year's other updates. In other words, it is a change, but we did it in order to keep raising the bar!

Let's take a closer look

What did we do? We cleaned up, re-arranged, and re-finished... everything to create a more harmonious and orderly environment in which you'll love to work.

First of all, we lightened some elements of the design interface, like the title bar and the section tabs, and we overhauled the palette by choosing brighter colors. We also added a new, illustrated aspect that stands out in the welcome page as well as in the new avatars you'll be able to choose from when creating your online identity.

Speaking of the welcome page. Open the program, and see how much shorter the loading time is - that's right, we sped it up! Then, take a few minutes to explore the content on this page. Here, you will find information about the status of your license, links to helpful guides and articles in the Blog, and inspiring Objects and Templates for your projects. In other words, think of this page as a panoramic view of what's going on in the world of WebSite X5.

The most loyal fans among you will have noticed that in addition to the new design, one of the most important changes concerns how to manage open projects. In fact, you can now find a handy side bar next to the welcome page, with all the commands you need to start a new project or open an existing one.

We also updated the window in which you select the project you want to open. There's now more room for displaying the list of existing projects, but most importantly, the projects are displayed with an actual preview. Now, you can find the right project quickly and easily, even after you create a lot of different sites.

After tidying up the workspace, we also took the opportunity to polish our internal search engine, and - as many of you have requested - the line styles.

With regards to the internal search engine, you can now specify whether the search engine should search your entire website, or restrict the results to your online store's products rather than your blog articles.

As for line styles, we have added effects and transitions to the image gallery so that you can create horizontal bands that make your page even easier to read.

You can find a list of all the updates added in version 2021.1 - as well as the list of updates from older versions - in the News page.

If you already have an active WebSite X5 license, you can install this new version right away: just launch the program and you'll find instructions for doing so in just a few clicks.

If your WebSite X5 license has expired, renew it today to receive the new version 2021.1.

Finally, if you don't have WebSite X5, take this opportunity to buy it now. The user license includes a 12-month guarantee of receiving updates and new versions as we release them, as well as access to our Priority Assistance service.

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