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6 Templates for a Successful Online Store

Published by Incomedia in Guides and Tips · 6 May 2020
The e-commerce sector is experiencing constant growth. This trend, already strong during “normal” times, has significantly accelerated now that we are all stuck at home due to the pandemic

We can't go out, so we shop online, overcoming our last hesitations about making online payments and trusting merchants we can't see in person.

There's a good reason why Amazon, the king of e-commerce, is working full steam ahead, increasing profits, hiring more people, and also paying them more.

But that doesn't mean Amazon is the only player who can benefit from this situation. The new consumer habits we've acquired will outlast the current crisis, and one widely shared opinion holds that there will be plenty of room on the scene for small and medium business owners to sell their own products through their online stores.

The challenge lies in being prepared. It doesn't matter whether you sell buttons or take-away meals: if you have a physical storefront, it's time to open your online store.

How? There are many different approaches to moving your sales online (for more information, read our guide: How to start selling online) and plenty of ways to create an online store. If you're looking for a quick, effective, and affordable solution, create your online store with WebSite X5: start with one of the following 6 templates to save even more time and enjoy guaranteed results.


Let's start with something sweet! BakeNCake is a template designed for a bakery seeking to share its pastries, cakes, and chocolates with the whole world. It has everything you need to present and sell your own delicious treats: you can choose between different layouts and galleries and customize everything to make it your own.


A fresh, contemporary template with the same attention to detail you put into creating your handmade products. Handmade offers different options for product galleries and the shop, as well as a contact page and a page for you to introduce yourself. You can also easily add anything else you need.  

Organic Shop

As genuine, fragrant, and colorful as the fruits and vegetables from your organic farm. Organic Shop is a truly complete template: it has a captivating home page, a shop, and a blog. Choose between plenty of different layout options and take advantage of the many graphic details that make all the difference.  


It's not just pretty on the outside: Cosmetics is a template that delivers what it promises. It includes a simple, feminine design, effectively organized content, and a shop whose internal search function and filters makes it easy for clients to find and buy products.    

Farm Products

Original and trendy: Farm Product has a bold Home Page, which is organized into product sheets that feature all the information usually displayed on separate pages, as well as a shop with a search feature to easily find the right products. Basically, the perfect blend of traditional products and a modern storefront.

Art Shop

Art Shop is a small art gallery: the perfect place to meet an artist, learn their story, discover their work, and - why not - buy one or two of their pieces. The minimalist design creates the perfect frame to spotlight the art: the built-in store is the best tool for putting them on the market.

Working with a template

We've introduced 6 fantastic templates for 6 different types of products: from sweets to vegetables, cosmetics, and local products, ending with fine art.

The best thing about templates is that they offer a great starting point, and they allow you to customize them easily and quickly: sometimes it only takes a few touches to transform them. So if you like the Handmade template but you sell baby clothes rather than home decorations, don't worry: just add your content and watch the results meet your expectations.

When you choose a template, don't worry too much about the topic presented: it's just an example Instead, consider the overall layout, the way it's organized, and what tools it offers: if it meets your needs, it doesn't matter if it was designed for selling cakes and you need to sell bolts.   

For more information about how to best work with WebSite X5 templates, visit the Template section of our Guides: you'll find plenty of useful tips.

Get inspired

Lastly, here's a brief sample of online stores made with WebSite X5. Browse through their pages, and if you find something useful or fun, buy it. Bit above all, let yourself be inspired: if they did it, so can you!


BakeNCake, Handmade, and OrganicShop are templates you can buy on the Marketplace.

Meanwhile, Cosmetics, Farm Products, and Art Shop are part of the template presets available with WebSite X5, and they include one of the latest features added in the 2020.1 update: the product search function.

You can find many other equally appealing options both in the gallery of template presets available in WebSite X5 or in the Marketplace, and use them to create your own online store. In any case, remember that if you have specific requirements or you can't find the time to do it yourself, we're here to help with the X5 Design Lab: our new, dedicated web design service.

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