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WebSite X5 Hosting: hosting has never been easier!

WebSite X5 Blog
Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 9 September 2021
While you walk through your website creation, we want to hold your hand from the beginning till the end. And we want to make sure that it will be the best experience ever.

This is why we’ve decided that giving you our WebSite X5 software to make your site, wasn’t enough anymore. Now, we want to complete the picture and give you the Hosting you need to publish your website online without worries.

With the new software version 2021.4 we now present WebSite X5 Hosting, our new tailor-made hosting service for WebSite X5.

We bet you have loads of questions right now… Well, we are here to give you all the answers you need.

What  features does the WebSite X5 Hosting have?

As mentioned before, the WebSite X5 Hosting is a tailor-made service made especially for WebSite X5 sites: as you can imagine, this will solve any compatibility issues due to operating systems or PHP versions.

But the main thing is that WebSite X5 Hosting is already in the software license. In other words, when you purchase a new license of WebSite X5 you get 12 months of free hosting.

With a click you activate the service, and you are done: you’ll find everything in the software so when you want to publish online it won’t be necessary to enter any connection parameters, neither for the server, nor for the database or e-mails.

Does the WebSite X5 Hosting service have plans and what do they offer?

We offer 2 Hosting plans, one for each WebSite X5 edition.

The Hosting Evo plan has 100GB of web space, and 1 mailbox.

The Hosting Pro plan instead, has 500 GB of web space, 5 mailboxes and database.

Both plans have SSD disk, HTTPS SSL certificate plus 1 automatic domain like *.websitex5.me. You can purchase and connect a custom domain whenever you prefer (necessary to activate e-mail boxes): we will follow and guide you through all the process.

What happens after 12 months?

As you know the WebSite X5 license expires after 12 months, when this happens you can decide if you want to renew your license and receive updates plus new versions.

Meanwhile, you will also be able to renew your Hosting service then use web space, domain and email. If you renew the license and hosting together, you get an excellent special offer with it.

And what if you already have an active license of WebSite X5 now?

Don’t worry about it: we have of course thought of our WebSite X5 loyal customers as well and, you will get the Hosting service in your license as well.

Open WebSite X5, update to the new version 2021.4 then go to Step 5 to export your site online. Select WebSite X5 Hosting, then activate the service in a click and you are done!

Your Hosting service will expire when your license does just like everyone else. And if you won’t have enough time to use the free Hosting plan because your license will expire soon, remember that only during this version 2021.4 launch week, you have a very special extra-discount if you update.

But, has Incomedia become a Hosting Provider with this new service?

No, we prefer to keep our first goal in mind: develop WebSite X5 and give our users the best software to create websites ever. To help you out with Hosting services though, we collaborate with HOST.IT, it’s a company with 20 years experience, it has a strong foundation and it has always invested in safety and innovation. For a few years now it is also part of Vianova spa, former Welcome Italia Group.

Why WebSite X5 Hosting?

Because Hosting is often seen and felt like an obstacle to overcome, especially for someone who isn’t an expert in programming.

For years we have been working and we strive to make sure that WebSite X5 is as intuitive and easy as possible. Now, it’s time to tackle and solve even the last obstacle to help you all land safely on the web: the Hosting service.

Now, you have a website builder and a space for it, together. This means that you won’t have to trace connection parameters or configure the server anymore: it’s all done and ready to use. All you have to do is enjoy making beautiful and successful Web pages.


And now we hope that all your questions have an answer. As usual, you will find a list of what’s new in version 2021.4 - as well as what has been added in the previous versions - in the News page.

Remember that if you have an active license of WebSite X5 you can instantly install this new version: please find more detailed and easy instructions when you start the program.

If, instead, your WebSite X5 license isn’t active anymore please feel free to update it now if you want to receive our new version 2021.4.

Last but not least, if you don’t have WebSite X5 at all, what are you waiting for? You can buy it now. The license includes the new Hosting service, we guarantee that you will receive updates and new versions for 12 months and, priority Customer Support.

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