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Website Planet interviews Incomedia's CEO

Published in Success stories · 5 May 2020
Curious to learn more about our story and how the idea behind WebSite X5 was born? Federico, our CEO, explains it all in an interview recently published on WebsitePlanet.com.

He describes the company's beginnings in 2002, when setting out to develop website design software seemed like a crazy adventure. At the time, programs like Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver ruled the scene: even trying to compete with these giants seemed unthinkable.

But it clearly turned out to be a good idea, since 20 years later, WebSite X5 continues to be sold around the world. It now holds 8th place in the global ranking of "Simple Website Builders" on BuiltWith.com.

What's the secret to our longevity? Continuous research and development, while keeping the same, founding goal in mind: WebSite X5 is meant to empower anyone to easily achieve difficult tasks.

Federico puts it simply: "We're the programmers. We should be the ones doing the heavy lifting, not the clients who choose to build their websites, blogs, or online stores with WebSite X5."

Finally, the interview also includes an overview of the present situation and a look forward into the future, in light of public health, social, and economic emergencies triggered by the ongoing pandemic.

As you know, here at Incomedia we are also working from home: our offices are deserted, but this hasn't stopped us from carrying on our work. We continue to offer customer support and are moving forward with our projects: in fact, we are proud to have launched the new version 2020.1 this month, among other accomplishments.  

That's because, as Federico explains, WebSite X5 may be particularly useful during this difficult period, as businesses seek new options to get back on their feet. After all, the lockdown has forced us all to re-think many aspects of our lives and our work, leaving us even more reliant on the Internet than ever. "Once this emergency is over - which we hope will be soon - another large segment of the population will have become digitalized out of necessity. No business will be spared: everyone will need an online presence, and WebSite X5 can be a tremendous help in this matter."

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