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How many types of websites are there?

Published by Incomedia in Guides and Tips · 15 September 2021
It’s easy to say “website”. But let's think about it for a moment…how many types of websites exist? And most importantly, how are they created?
Although creating categories isn't always easy - sometimes the boundaries are blurred and there’s a risk of forgetting something - there are at least 7 + 1 main types of websites. Each, of course, has objectives and specific requirements that need to be considered in the development phase. Either way, you'll be happy to know that with software like WebSite X5 at your disposal, you’ll have no obstacles and can tackle any type of project.

So, identify the type of site that's right for you and get to work! Your website will be online sooner than you think!

4. Blog

1. Business website

While surfing, you’ve no doubt seen many. They’re the online windows through which companies present themselves, the products/services they offer and the teams they’re composed of. In other words, they’re sites that have a clear objective: to provide all the information and contact details necessary for making a company known and allowing people to contact them.

For: Companies, agencies and freelancers
Objective: To present your company and offer contact opportunities
To do: In WebSite X5 you’ll find many professional ready-made templates for creating the perfect business website. Or you can always start with a blank template and create fully customized graphics.

A tip: Start with your company logo to identify a coherent color palette and consider the sector in which you operate in order to build a professional and convincing brand image.

Organize your content well. Provide a home page and other necessary pages to communicate the company’s mission, what sets it apart and the range of products and services offered, in addition to providing the contact details necessary to locate or contact your business.

A company website, however, can also be more than just the online version of a business card or paper brochure. With WebSite X5 you can, for example, augment your project by adding a blog and a news area, or you can create protected areas to be accessed with passwords. If you have a business that involves managing customer appointments, you can implement an online booking system that’s more efficient than the traditional paper calendar. Finally, if your company has an international reach, you can easily manage the creation of a multilingual website.

Get to work: For a basic website, WebSite X5 Evo is sufficient, but if you want to add dynamic elements like a protected area, we recommend using WebSite X5 Pro.

2. E-commerce website

In recent years, e-commerce has literally exploded. You’ve most likely made at least one online purchase, perhaps after doing a bit of research and reading a fair number of reviews. If you have physical or digital products to sell, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to gain thousands of potential customers. Therefore, you’ll need to set up an e-commerce site.

For: Companies as well as artisans or hobbyists
Objective: Selling physical and/or digital products
To do: First of all, we should emphasize that not all e-commerce sites are the same. A lot depends on what you’re selling. If, for example, you’re an artist or a small farm that produces honey, your product catalog will be quite small. In this case, you can focus on excellence and exclusivity. Use your website to tell your story and communicate what sets you apart. Try to engage users on an emotional level and include a shopping cart along with the more narrative content for purchasing products.   

On the other hand, if your business has an extensive catalog of products (for example, a bookstore, a clothing store or a home furnishings store), you’ll need to maintain a decidedly more commercial approach. Omit the more narrative part and put the shopping cart front and center.

Whatever the scope of your e-commerce, WebSite X5 will allow you to manage it better and, in fact, can help you set up your product catalog, activate a search engine for your products, create effective product presentation sheets and implement discounts and promotions, etc. Through a special online control panel, also available via App for mobile, you can control the entire sales process and have access to the latest data.

An essential prerequisite for any e-commerce site is to have an SSL certificate which guarantees secure payments for customers. With WebSite X5’s hosting service included with the software, you already have an SSL certificate for HTTPS browsing.  

Get to work: Website X5 Evo has the basic functions for creating an e-commerce website, but if you want to take full advantage of all the tool’s potential, we recommend using WebSite X5 Pro.

3. Portfolio Website

The Internet is a huge virtual meeting place where freelancers have the opportunity to introduce themselves, present their work and, above all, find new partnerships and employment opportunities. If you’re a creative, an artist or a freelancer, you shouldn’t settle for a simple CV on paper. Instead, develop your online portfolio and present yourself in the best possible way.

For: Artists, creatives, and freelancers, as well as people looking for a first job or a new job opportunity
Objective: Telling your audience (including prospective customers) about yourself and presenting your work
To do: Portfolio sites often have a very simple structure and elegant, minimalistic graphics. The goal is to capture the viewer’s attention and convince him or her of the quality of the work presented.

With WebSite X5, you can create your portfolio through a one-page site, perhaps adopting high-impact visual solutions such as parallax or vertical tab navigation. You have several types of galleries to choose from to organize your best work. And, of course, you can easily insert a contact form for any requests.

Remember to integrate all your social media profiles, and if you want to tell more about yourself, don’t settle for a simple bio: start a blog.

Social media is great for finding an audience, but it's not enough on its own. The portfolio website serves as your headquarters, your identity, and the house you’re the owner of and not just a guest in.

Carefully choose the works to include in your portfolio. It’s better to feature a few high quality pieces than fill your portfolio with a lot of mediocre items that detract visibility from your best works.   

Get to work: WebSite X5 Evo gives you everything you’ll need to create your own online portfolio.   

4. Blog

Blogs started out as online diaries. In the beginning, they experienced a real boom. Then they were somewhat pushed aside due to the success of social media. However, they never disappeared completely and still remain extremely popular. After all, they’re an excellent tool for conveying content, as well as the reason why content is so appealing, not only to people, but also to search engines like Google.

For: Bloggers, journalists and influencers
Objective: Regular publication of editorial content for information or entertainment
To do: If, in your field, you feel you have something to say and you like to write, you are definitely on the right track in starting your own blog. With WebSite X5, setting up a blog, creating an attractive graphic design, and writing the posts is really very simple. You can complete your articles with images, videos and galleries, encourage and manage comments, and schedule publication based on the timetable that suits you best.

Obviously, the success of your blog depends, not only on the quality of the content you create, but also on how frequently you post. Additionally, having a blog will definitely come in handy as it will serve to develop your image as a subject matter expert to get more people to follow you, and it will also help your pages rank better on search engines.  

If you decide to invest in content creation, offer it through a newsletter as well. Ask your readers to register to stay up to date.

Get to work: You can set up a Blog using WebSite X5 Evo. With WebSite X5 Pro, you’ll have more advanced options for managing comments and SEO optimization.

5. Non-profit Website

The entire nonprofit world has experienced significant momentum in recent years. in Italy alone, for example, non-profit organizations have grown by 28% since 2001. As such, the Internet provides an opportunity to present your organization, raise public awareness about your key issues, find new supporters, and raise funds.

For: Non-profit organizations, NGOs, associations, foundations and committees
Objective: Presenting the organization, raising public awareness, and raising funds
To do: As with a corporate website (and perhaps even more so), a non-profit website must successfully present the organization. From graphics and text to page setup, everything must contribute to capturing the readers’ attention, arousing their interest and participation and, possibly, moving them to action by pushing them to do something specific to help.

It’s important to tell the organization’s story by retracing its fundamental steps, describing its projects, sharing its most significant successes, and introducing the people involved, from founders to volunteers to those benefiting from their work.

With WebSite X5, you’ll have specific templates for volunteer organizations, sports associations, or social advancement organizations. You can use any media, create galleries, and integrate social networks. You can also set up a blog, offer subscriptions to a newsletter and, if applicable, a small e-commerce area.

We've made it so that you can easily implement a donate button with PayPal or rely on a more comprehensive service such as DonorBox.  

Get to work: As with business websites, you can use WebSite X5 Evo to create a non-profit site, but if you want all the customization options at your disposal, and not just graphics, you’ll need WebSite X5 Pro.  

7. Personal website

In the end, not all websites exist to make money. Sometimes a website is nothing more than the free expression of its author, the perfect outlet for simply expressing one’s thoughts, talking about your experiences or providing an outlet for your creative side. Obviously, the story can have a happy ending. A personal website, in fact, can grow and become, bit by bit, something bigger and perhaps even profitable.

For: Anyone who wants to tell stories or share things about themselves
Objective: sharing thoughts, stories and experiences
To do: If you choose to create your own website, you will probably do it mainly because you feel the need to express yourself: perhaps to share your experiences, passions, hobbies or photographic journals of your travels. Obviously, you’re hoping that someone will read it and perhaps draw inspiration from your words, but mostly you want to do it so you can share things about yourself. For this reason, feel free to create the pages exactly as you like them.

Open WebSite X5, search for the template that best represents you, make it your own by customizing every detail and then begin inserting your content. You can create as many pages as you’d like, and include text, images, galleries and videos. Or you can decide to simply start a blog. If you’re interested in other people’s opinions, you can enable comments and manage them as you wish.

Experiment. In working visually, you don't have to worry about how to do something – only about what to tell.

With WebSite X5, you have web space and an automatic domain included. Everything is already integrated, so you can immediately publish your site online.

Get to work: WebSite X5 Evo gives you the ability to create your own attractive website. Obviously, if you want to get the most from your project, you can always upgrade to WebSite X5 Pro.    

+1. Landing Page

In this case, it’s not really about websites. A Landing Page is a web page on which you want to "land" users in specific situations. It’s designed specifically with the goal of increasing contacts, conversions and sales. In short, Landing Pages are ideal for converting your visitors into leads.

For: Anyone who wants to implement an inbound marketing strategy
Objectives: Convert visitors by making them perform a specific action (sign up, download, purchase, etc.)
To do: In general, a Landing Page is a single web page which can be linked to the corporate site or can stand alone, to which users are directed with a very specific objective in mind: to convince them to perform a desired action.

For example, you could send an email to your list of contacts, inviting them to learn more about your new product. By clicking on the button in the email, users are directed to a Landing Page where you present the product in detail and offer it for purchase.

With WebSite X5, you can create all the Landing Pages you need. You’ll also find templates created specifically for this purpose. You’ll need to be convincing and organize information well and make sure buttons and registration forms are clear, compelling and visible. If you need to, you can create a very long page and experiment with various levers to persuade the reader. Remember, you have just one objective: designing a page that converts.

Buttons and email forms are two key elements of a Landing Page. Position them at the top of the page so they’re immediately visible, and if the page requires a lot of scrolling, repeat them at regular intervals.

Get to work: To create Landing Pages only, you may only need WebSite X5 Evo, but you'll probably also need to create a corporate website and maybe even an e-commerce site. The best solution in this case is WebSite X5 Pro.

…So, what kind of website are you?

In conclusion, we've seen that talking about "websites" is rather generic. There are various types of websites, and knowing what they are and how they differ can help you understand what you need and how to best set up your project. As you may have guessed, whatever the nature of your site, WebSite X5 will help you achieve it. In a short time and by working in a completely visual way, you’ll have your pages online, and you can begin reaping the fruits of your labor.

So don’t wait any longer! Choose between the Evo or Pro versions of WebSite X5, decide which type of project you want to build based on your established goals, and then get to work. It’ll be an exciting journey!

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