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Photography and Web Design: How René brought his photos online

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 13 January 2023
The need for a website comes with different reasons. It could be for instance a way of bringing a business online and consequently increasing the customer base, but it could also represent a personal challenge: build a website to share what we love and, at the same time, learn something new.

That’s exactly the case for René Staab, a Munich lawyer with a great passion for photography and technology. Despite not having ever tried something similar before, René decided to put himself out there and create a website to show the world his photos. That’s how  https://www.renestaab.com/ was born, from René’s initiative and the help that only WebSite X5 could offer him.

Let’s find out more about his experience.

Hi René! I quote from your website: “I created this website for fun”. Can you tell us more?
«Of course! The sentence you reported perfectly represents my initial approach to renestaab.com.

I read about WebSite X5 on an IT-magazine, and what caught my eye was the claim to be a software conceived for people who weren’t necessarily web or website experts. I wanted to test my abilities and, above all, test the software by creating my own website, just for fun. In the end, despite being a newbie, I achieved a really nice and satisfying result!»

What subject did you choose for your “experiment”?
«Despite being a lawyer, I’ve always had a great passion for photography. So, throughout the years I collected a great number of very heterogeneous shots: landscapes, architecture, macro, animals, art and so on. For many years, they where stored on some hard disk, without a real audience, which was a pity!

With my website, I wanted to increase their  visibility. The purpose of photos is for them to be looked at, regardless if the photographer is a professional or a hobbyist, like in my case. Visibility is crucial for photography, and a website can really make a difference.»

You have been using WebSite X5 for some years now: can we say you have become an expert?
«Well, maybe not an expert, but indeed I have had experience in this field and I have learned many new things. I have appreciated all the functions that the program has, without having to code.

Throughout the years, I also tried other tools, but they generally needed some level of programming skills if you wanted to get a good result. That’s never happened with WebSite X5: I could create a good website with no effort, and I’m really satisfied with the result!»

You surely had the opportunity to expand your knowledge about web design: do you have any tips for who would like to create their own website like you did?
«Something I understood is that the most important thing about a website, is its readability:  if you want to attract visitors, the pages must be neat and well organized. Everything you add must be there for a reason.

Your goal is to make pages which aren’t overloaded with elements: it is better to have less  but significant contents which can interest the visitors, so they can decide to stay longer on the website and learn more about the presented activity or business. That’s the rule I followed while working on my website, but I think it applies in any case.»

Let’s go back to the first question: How would you rate your experience with WebSite X5? Did you actually have fun?
«I did! But not only: I also learned new skills and now my photos are no longer hidden on my PC, but available online for everybody who wants to find out more about them.»

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