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How to promote your website for free

Published by Incomedia in Web marketing · 16 May 2019
So, you’ve spent weeks working around the clock and finally you’ve got your ideal website up and running. Now how do you get it seen?

Sure, you could hire costly ad agencies and promotional experts to get the message out there, but there are various free and easy things you can try to do it yourself. Try these nifty ways to promote a website for free and watch as the views start stacking up.

SEO is the way to go

People searching the web don’t want to trawl through hundreds of pages of results; the joy of the Internet is having what you want a quick click away and that means ranking high is essential. That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in as the first way to promote a website for free.

Take some time to research what people search for and what keywords yield big results. Be specific! Every hotel in the world is going to mention the basic amenities, so plump for keywords that set you apart. If you’re a five-star spa hotel, celebrate it! If you’ve got world-class sports facilities, shout it from the rooftops! Keywords work best when they set you apart from the competition.

WebSite X5’s site-building software provides convenient drop-down boxes for different html tags, so all you need to do is enter your optimised content and they’ll make sure Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more can read it. For more SEO tips, click here.

Share your content

When people think “I want to promote my website for free”, they often imagine elaborate marketing initiatives. In reality, many of the tools are right at your fingertips.

Keep your social media accounts active and engaging. Share links to your site and make sure to include them in your profile descriptions, as well as eye-catching images, fun stories and anything else that makes people want to click. Social media is a wonderful way to express your personality and brand values and is a vital tool in the success of companies in the digital age.

Create links

And here is another tip about how to advertise your business for free. If you’re a service provider, you’ve got a list of clients and customers who can provide you with valuable advertising. Ask them to provide a link to your website on their social media and offer them the same in return. The wider you cast your net, the greater the rewards you’ll reap.

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