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Giovanni Lombardi’s online school project

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 4 March 2020
The Internet has won a central role in our day-to-day life, and basically everything we do on a daily basis takes place online through a specific website: we shop, we read, we get information, we share experiences. However, a website can be more than mere content. It can become a way of teaching, and a way of learning.

Giovanni Lombardi, school teacher, knows it perfectly and that’s why he decided to bring WebSite X5 to school and to apply its potential to an educational project. In this way, primary school children from the 6° Circolo Didattico R. Girondi in Barletta have learned this lesson too. And with much enthusiasm indeed! When they first heard about their teacher’s idea, the 5th grade children couldn’t wait to create their first website.

See how  WebSite X5 has supported them in this learning path and helped them build their first online project!

Teaching and learning in the web era

The topic of Giovanni Lombardi’s class was pretty clear: the students had to create some digital monographs about their town, Barletta. Though, the teacher’s challenge was different, and far from being trivial. It was necessary to convey the concepts related to his class, but above all he should have found an interesting way of doing this, to stimulate children’s attention and creativity. Giovanni understood that the answer was to do something different:

“I hadn’t been told precisely which instruments I should have used for my class, so I decided to go beyond the good old Powerpoint and to use something more captivating, that could also be published online.”

What Giovanni had in mind was to surprise his students by designing a website. By doing this, apart from teaching what was strictly requested by his course,  he could have also gone one step further: online presence.

In his class, the concept of website itself has changed: from a simple showcase for sites of cultural and historic interest in Barletta, it has become an educational tool to discuss the web and its central position in everybody’s every-day life, as well as to convey technical skills.

Creating a website: real child’s play!

Once the working method had been identified, it was the turn of another important question, choose the program the students would have used to create their website. Not a big deal for Giovanni this time, as he already knew the answer: WebSite X5.

In fact, the teacher was already familiar with the software: the first time he heard about it was on Facebook, and he’s been using it since version 10 in the Pro edition for his own online projects. The possibility of creating a professional website with no specific technical skills and its constant growth in functions  are the elements that convinced him to keep using WebSite X5 from 2014 until today.

Still, there are two other aspects that have played an important role in Giovanni’s decision of using WebSite X5 for his educational project: simplicity and intuitiveness.

”I wanted to show an intuitive and easy  software, something even a child could use, like a puzzle.”

And creating websites with WebSite X5 is indeed like composing a puzzle: just pick your template among more than 100 free included ones, follow five steps in the program and give each piece the right place to get a professional and complete result in no time and with no efforts. Showcase websites, blogs and online shops: WebSite X5 has a solution for all needs.  Check out the website as it takes shape by using the local preview. It must be said: a real child’s play!

Learning through creativity

This experience taught  the students of the 6° Circolo Didattico R. Girondi that being successful online means being unpredictable. With WebSite X5, they unleashed their creativity and started something new. And of course they are  thrilled with the outcome.

That’s how  http://www.mixarte.it/pon/ came to life, a school project but also food for thoughts and an inspiration for new websites. With WebSite X5 always, and that’s for sure!

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