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PayPal Commerce Platform: your Online Store's Payment System

WebSite X5
Published by Incomedia in WebSite X5 News · 29 September 2020
Online shopping has now definitively exploded. Even countries like Italy, which always lag a bit in the adoption of new technologies, have now caught up, partly as a result of the isolation imposed by the coronavirus lockdown. The number of people purchasing items online is growing every day, and for those looking to do business in this sector, the playing field is increasingly full of new opportunities, becoming more complex to manage.
To make life easier for sellers, and in general, to improve the online shopping experience for millions of users, PayPal has launched a complete, innovative solution called the PayPal Commerce Platform.

We've integrated the PayPal Commerce Platform into WebSite X5 so that you can enjoy all the advantages of this powerful platform on your online store.

In this article we'll discuss what the PayPal Commerce Platform is, what advantages it guarantees, and how easy it is to use on your WebSite X5 online store.

What is the PayPal Commerce Platform?

The PayPal Commerce Platform is a solution that PayPal offers for any type of business, which provides a payment system that's both simple to implement and capable of guaranteeing the most straightforward possible purchasing experience for end users.

The PayPal Commerce Platform allows you to manage all the most popular payment methods in each country from a single account: credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, Paypal accounts, and most importantly, countless other local payment methods (for example, MyBank, iDeal, Soford, Giropay, etc., to name just a few) used in over 190 countries around the world, with over 100 different currencies.

The system is designed to offer each client a selection of the most appropriate payment methods depending on their country and the device they are using. This improves the purchasing experience, increasing the likelihood that they will successfully complete the transaction.

What are the Advantages of the PayPal Commerce Platform?

PayPal has been the global leader in online payment for over 20 years, this is a guarantee to its reliability and professional level of services.

There are also major advantages to using the PayPal Commerce Platform, worth highlighting here:
  • Ease of use: you can manage all payment methods from a single account.
  • More conversions: by accepting the most popular payment methods in each country, you can optimize your conversion rate.
  • Dedicated, competitive fees for Paypal or card payments.
  • Global growth: helps companies scale, allowing them to connect with over 346 million active PayPal users and to directly accept payment in over 100 currencies.
  • Simplified compliance: PayPal operates and is legally compliant in over 200 countries.
  • Increased security: PayPal uses advanced artificial intelligence systems, instructed with over 50 Petabytes of data every day, to prevent fraud and misuse.

PayPal Commerce Platform and WebSite X5

We integrated the PayPal Commerce Platform into WebSite X5's 2020.2.6 update to give you the best possible means for managing your online store. This allows you to benefit from all of PayPal's experience and capabilities and grants your customers the ultimate shopping experience.

If you already have an online store that relied on PayPal's old payment system, we recommend that you update it right away to transition to the new  PayPal Commerce Platform. There are at least 2 excellent reasons for doing so:
  • the old system has been discontinued, meaning it will no longer receive any further development;
  • PayPal Commerce Platform offers more advantageous fees, starting at 1.20%*.

So if you already have a PayPal account, go ahead and connect it to your online store to activate the PayPal Commerce Platform; if you don't already have an account, you can create a new one and launch the service in just a few clicks. We created a special guide to help you get started.


After introducing the product search bar and optimizing the check-out process in version 2020.1 earlier this year, we decided to further enrich WebSite X5's online stores by integrating the PayPal Commerce Platform: this important component eliminates possible points of attrition by allowing customers to choose their preferred method of payment, which is crucial for ensuring that they complete the purchase.   

What does the next WebSite X5 update have in store for users? We don't have anything coming just yet, but you can be sure that new and interesting updates to the online store will soon follow.

*Plus a fixed fee when receiving domestic transfers with advance credit card and debit card (like Visa or Mastercard) payments. Visit the PayPal website to view complete fee information.

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