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Beauty and the Web: Maurizio explains the advantages of a website for beauty salons

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 22 December 2022
Up to ten years ago, it was enough for a hairdresser to know their way around with scissors to attract customers. Today, however, the Internet has radically changed our habits and competition is stiffer than ever. It is no longer enough for hairdressers to improve their technique and manage their shop as best as possible: close attention must also be paid to a solid marketing strategy, keeping in mind the opportunities that the web can offer.

Maurizio Amadio is a hairdresser with over 40 years of experience, a brilliant career behind him and many ideas for the future, with a well-established beauty salon in Rome. Using WebSite X5 he created the www.maurizioamadio.com website on his own: so who better than Maurizio to talk about beauty and websites?    

Hello Maurizio, could you introduce yourself briefly?
“Of course. My professional career began when I was very young, in some of the most renowned beauty institutes in the center of Rome. In these ateliers I had the privilege of crossing paths with film and television actors and actresses, both Italian and international, as well as many of Rome’s personalities of the 1980s.

My work also made me travel a lot: for example, I have often been to Venezuela and New York. At the end of this international adventure, I decided to return to Rome and here I opened my own salon, that represents for me, a meeting place where I can discover every woman’s beauty, with a touch of personal style.”

Why did you decide to make your own website?
“Being a hairdresser allows you to establish a special relationship with the customer. If you know how to listen and then translate a desire – not always well defined – into reality, you can win the customer’s trust and this will make them come back to you.

At the beginning of my career, the personal relationship with the customer and the word of mouth that was spontaneously generated were more than enough. But when the web began to explode, I quickly realized that I had to get my name out there, even outside my usual contacts.

So I decided to create my salon’s website and, it certainly was a winning intuition. Over the past 10 years my website has seen a great deal of traffic, which translated into many new clients for the salon. In short, thanks to a site capable of conveying the same sense of trust, professionalism and seriousness, the business and the name of the salon have experienced a steady growth.”

What led you to choose WebSite X5 to create your beauty salon website?
“For me, the most important thing was to be independent. I didn’t want dependencies on suppliers: I don’t like being tied up in any way to others, I even have a Facebook page, but I never use it. Second, I didn’t really want to spend too much, also because I wasn’t actually prepared to use a program like this: I'm a hairdresser after all!  

With these 2 points in mind, I did a research on the web and came across WebSite X5: I carefully checked the reviews and trusted them.

I must say that I immediately liked the simplicity of the program in terms of use. For a layman like myself, it turned out to be the right solution at the right time. It has really given excellent results and, I have even been asked to create sites for third parties. ;)

Now I’m actually working on a new site, for my salon as well. The center is being expanded and so the site also needs to be modernized. I think keeping it updated is very important.”

What guides you when you create the pages of your site?
“I work in the beauty industry, so I can't afford to neglect the more graphic or visual aspects: I know how important the image is and I want my pages to be beautiful, captivating and in step with the times. As I was saying, it is important that the website communicates professionalism and seriousness: the visitor must feel that he or she can rely on us with full confidence.

Beyond the graphics, I then try to ensure that visitors are able to immediately find the information they are looking for.

Trying to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer who might be searching for a hairdresser on Google, perhaps on their cellphone while not even at home, is a good exercise. You immediately realize that it is essential to make sure that contacts, information on the location, a brief presentation of who is behind the site and the services that are offered are clearly spelled out and easily found.”

In the end, would you recommend WebSite X5?
“Absolutely, I have already recommended it and I will continue to do so in the future because, if I was able to master it and to create my site, anyone can do it.”

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