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Cab41: from the physical stage to an online one

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 10 December 2019
Andrea Fasoglio, artistic director and President of Turin's Cab 41 Cabaret, has used WebSite X5 for years. With this software, he was ale to create his organization's website as a means to promote their cabaret shows. Why did he choose WebSite X5, what advantages did it offer, and how did Cab41 position itself online? Let's find out together.

Cab41's history

Cab 41 was founded in 1994, with the goal of providing a home and a cultural center to many artists in Turin that no longer had the opportunity to go to the historic Centralino club. In 1998, Cab 41 stopped putting on live music, focusing only on cabaret shows. Over the years, it has become a landmark in the country's comedy scene. Franco Neri, Beppe Braida, Enrico Brignano, Ale e Franz, I Panpers and Gianpiero Perone are just a few of many famous performers whose careers began in this theater, located in Turin's Crocetta district. 25 years later, Cab41 is now a landmark in the country's comedy scene.

The need for a website

The group first started thinking about creating their own online space in the early 2000s, when the Internet started to become an important calling card for businesses and individuals alike. At the time, a “basic” website with only a few pages and even amateur photos was considered enough. Despite these limitations, a website could provide Cab41 with a great opportunity to showcase their range of performances, and the group's directors didn't hesitate to seize it.

Today, having a presence online and on social media is nearly mandatory for anybody working with the public. Websites and social media profiles are a way to express the group's image and offer a window into their work. These need to be well-designed, with in-depth content that's kept up to date according to the organization's current offerings.

Finding WebSite X5

Andrea, Cab41's director, has used WebSite X5 since its first edition. He explains that he grew up alongside the program, and has never used any competitor's products because he has always preferred to use a desktop product rather than online solutions.

"Working with WebSite X5 has been very simple, and at first, I wondered why other programs were less intuitive.

Andrea took care of every aspect of creating the website: from writing the content to the design, which he (and his cabaret) place particular emphasis on.

Increased visibility and reservations, thanks to the website

Andrea explains that his theater's business has benefited from the online visibility granted by the website.

"The increased visibility and the growth of online services has benefited the theater's business, especially in terms of reservations and people viewing our schedule of shows."

In fact, for an organization like Cab 41, brand awareness is crucial: this includes publicizing the cabaret's schedule of shows and activities online, so that people can find out about these events and decide to book tickets .

The future is a show

Cab 41's future, just like its stage, promises lively activity. It's very important for the organization to stay fresh and up to date, which is why the website is updated every two years or so.

Adding new content and refreshing the design makes a website less static, giving the sense that the organization is always moving forward and never standing still.

An online project that's always changing perfectly represents Cab41's cabaret, and its very spirit. Which is exactly what a website should do.
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