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Stay connected 24/7 by integrating social media into your site

Published by Incomedia in Web marketing · 19 February 2019
The fourth digital revolution gave rise to an accelerated sense of time: these days, time and space are getting smaller and smaller.

Current communications technologies have also sped things up in general: today, thanks to the social media news cycle, any occurrence can become a worldwide event. Speed has removed distance. This also means that our companies become ubiquitous: they can be present on many channels, around the world, at the same time.

Let's briefly forget the sense of vulnerability that this omnipresence could make us feel, and instead ask ourselves: What can we do to get the most out of the potential for connections that this world offers us? How can we use modern technology to raise awareness of our product, our brand, or ourselves? By integrating social media into your website, for example. Why? We'll explain more in this article and also provide a solution: SnapWidget.


Today's social networks are like a personalized shop display, where you can showcase whatever you think will draw the public's attention to your business. Anybody can come find you, like a post, share their experience, or recommend your products.

Integrating social media into your website can help you increase your visibility. In fact, visitors can view, interact with, and share your latest activities all in one place: your own web page Plus, if they want to learn more, they can visit your social media profiles in just one click. This integration is especially useful if you don't update your website regularly: your visitors may encounter outdated pages that may be several months, if not years, old. The social media "display window" however, lets them see your business's activity, confirming that your company is active and keeps up with the times. This kind of proof can build trust among those who aren't familiar with your day-to-day operations!

But how many social networks should you use? There isn't a hard and fast rule, especially when it comes to business pages. The best advice we can give you is to trust your common sense: profiles need to be regularly updated with new content and shouldn't be left inactive for too long! So you need to consider the effort involved, as well as your budget, when choosing the right number of social networks. Looking to increase your website's visibility? Then don't miss this article: "Increase your site's visibility: three pro tips!"


A study published on e-Marketer shows incoming traffic data, on some websites, before and after adding buttons for sharing content on social networks. The results show that after adding social media buttons, every website saw an increase in visits, in some cases by up to seven times more

Which are the most popular social media buttons? Facebook in 50.3% of cases, Twitter with 42.5%, and LinkedIn with 4%.


In our era, social media is the best opportunity for not only increasing visibility and traffic, but also gaining real new clients. Social media platforms are a more cost-effective means of communications than other methods of advertisement. Combined with the use of certain good practices, like integrating profiles on your website, this can make a real difference for your sites popularity! Any business, brand, and professional looking to promote their content online should make sure to integrate social media channels into their website. This encourages your public to follow you and share your experiences.

How to connect websites and social media

Now that you understand the importance of connecting social media with your website, it's time to learn how to do it! The easiest way is to add ready-made widgets to your website.

What's a widget? It's a simplified version of an application that allows access to other applications quickly and easily. Widgets are perfect for connecting social media channels to your website. Here's an example: SnapWidget. This tool includes four subscription levels ( a free version and lite, pro, and developer plans) allowing you to add and automatically display photos and videos from Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook on your website.

Snapwidget can be added to your website in just a few clicks and automatically updates each time you upload new content to your social media profiles. It's so simple! If you use WebSite X5, you can see how easy it is to install this feature for yourself. See our Tips&Tricks.

In conclusion, using the widget makes creating interactions between social media and your website very simple, and it allows you to increase your visibility, gaining more traffic to your website and increasing not only your sales opportunities, but also opportunities to grow your brand! Ready to get started?

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