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Using a website to create your professional image: the story of Andrea

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 30 August 2019
Andrea Cavallo Perin is a freelance video maker from Ivrea, Italy, who defines himself as "a person who has matured and has learned many valuable insights in his travels around the world.” He loves to call himself " a product of his passions,""who has traveled extensively in order to broaden his horizons and to improve his ability to meet the needs of others.

Andrea received his degree in advertising communication from the European Institute of Design in Turin, where, during his school years, he began to do internships as a way to explore his passions more deeply.

How it all started: an "experimental" video

“After working for some time as an art director, I wanted to specialize in video making."

Andrea tells us that his passion for video making grew after creating a video as a "social experiment" to bring people on the Internet into real life. In essence, Andrea used a video clip to tell people that he was going to go on a trip from the north of Italy to the south of Italy, and that he would be "moved" from one place to another, only by the interaction of his fans.

The goal was to verify whether his "fictitious" friends on social networks could become a real presence in his everyday life. The project was a great success! Andrea was "transported" by his friends on social networks all the way to Sicily. They interacted and wrote messages to tell him where he should go and who would be waiting there for him, or who could give him a lift or who could host him for the night.

Because of the success of the operation, which was also confirmed by the media coverage of Radio 105 and La Stampa, he was noticed by communication agencies and various art directors.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/j_U02g7R0No" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The need of a website

Andrea didn't have a website at first, because his strategy was based on social networks. He had a portfolio that he would send by email if necessary, and that's all. But, at a certain point, he realized that this was no longer enough.

"A website gives you a much more professional image. It's a visual identity card, a fundamental part of the process of your professional growth."

As he gained more experience, Andrea wanted to use a website to organize his content, and that’s how he found WebSite X5.

Finding WebSite X5

Andrea wanted to show something more. He was looking for a way to create a mature and professional visual identity on the Internet.

"I discovered WebSite X5 in Ivrea, thanks to a meeting with Incomedia, the company that created the software. I was immediately fascinated by the relationship between quality, price and ease of use."

Although he was not a web master, Andrea began using WebSite X5, and thanks to its ease of use, he quickly launched his website, www.andreacavalloperin.com, a combination of portfolio website and digital CV.

The advantages of WebSite X5

"With WebSite X5, I can work on my website even when I'm offline, and I can customize just about anything.”

Andrea also tells us that he chose WebSite X5 for its flexibility, which allows him to customize any part of the website.
Andrea was also impressed by the variety of templates available. When designing his website, he started from a model offered in the Marketplace and customized all the features that were important to him.

"I liked seeing the attention given by the company to building templates for different professions, all optimized to feature the strengths of these professions online.”

Andrea also tells us that he has already suggested the software to some of his friends, and not only to them.

"My friends were looking for software for building their own websites and I recommended WebSite X5. I like it, it's complete and it’s easy to use. I also suggested it to some of my customers as a solution.”

Andrea’s advice

We asked Andrea what he would like to say to WebSite X5 users and this is what he said:

"If you're new to the game, don't be scared! Follow the guide and you'll see that any doubts and uncertainties will quickly disappear. You’ll get the desired result at the right time and it will be satisfying and pleasant!"

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