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Simple tips for writing your About us page

Published by Incomedia in Guides and Tips · 4 July 2019
Picture the scene: you’ve just finished building your dream site and you’re ready for the world to see it. But how do you introduce yourself?

It doesn’t have to be tricky to make yourself known. These simple steps will teach you how to write an “About Us” page that puts your name (and your website!) on the map.

Give readers the personal touch

Many people who wonder how to write an “About Us” page for a website think they need to focus on dry, dull facts. Facts are important, of course, but would you really introduce yourself to someone with simple statistics or a bullet-point list of statements. Of course not! You want readers to get a sense of you and what you stand for, so make sure you let them know.

One brilliant way to do this is detailing the history of your company. Whether it’s a story of the changing times or rags becoming riches, letting people know about your journey from then to now allows them to connect to you and your company. Include pictures if you have them (a picture is worth a thousand words after all!) and make sure to paint a vivid picture of who you really are.

Be specific

If you’re looking for some other tips about how to write an efficient About Page, consider also that when it’s time to get factual, it’s better not to waste valuable space on empty statements and vague promises. You’ve got one chance to grab attention and you don’t want to waste a single character of it. Avoid generic statements; “award-winning” sounds nice but what awards?! People are far more likely to be impressed by named awards and concrete examples than abstract prizes from who knows where.

Don’t make it all about you

Every company promises the world, but you want to let visitors know that you deliver it. Testimonials are an engaging way to put your money where your mouth is. After all, wouldn’t you trust a friend’s recommendation over the word of a stranger? Contact some of your favourite customers and ask them to throw a few words together. Not only will you have evidence of your achievements, but you’ll also let your old clients know that their feedback is valuable!
This is how to write a good About Us page!

Involve the reader

It’s easy to ramble on about yourself but make your potential customer feel important. Mention their problems and needs and how you can solve them; after all, they’re the real stars of the show!

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