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How to start local products ecommerce

Published by Incomedia in Guides and Tips · 14 November 2019
You’ve got the best homegrown goods at your fingertips, but you’d prefer to think global. And why not? When it’s about selling local products, creating an ecommerce could be the right solution.
Follow these tips on how to sell local products online and soon the whole world will be discovering what you have to offer!

Selling typical products: select a style for your ecommerce

A picture is worth a thousand words and your graphics are your first chance to grab the visitor’s attention. That means you’ve got to know what you want and what consumers do too. Consider the following:

  • Who is my customer? If you’re aiming young, keep the design freewheeling and funky; if you’re targeting women, get in touch with your feminine side! Make sure your site is styled to suit whoever will be walking through the e-door!

  • What makes my product special? Dull grey backdrops won’t sell delicious local delicacies, while elegant hand-carved antiques don’t call for flashy neon prints. If you’re going to sell local products online, be sure that you’re honouring what makes them unique.

WebSite X5 provides 500 ready website templates with its website-building software, so you’re sure to find something
that suits your brand. If not, no worries! You’ll also be able to make your own website from scratch.

Want to sell local products online? Move with the times!

Over three billion people shop online so it’s a market that everyone is eager to tap. The key to mastering it is staying ahead of the curve.

WebSite X5 allows you to build a site that is optimised for both computers and mobile devices. Today, that’s more important than ever as more and more people are shopping on the go. In fact, mobile sales are growing at a rate of 200%, so make sure your ecommerce site is ready to go wherever your consumers are.

Get paid the right way

Once you start to sell local products online, you’re going to have money coming from all over the world. That might seem a little hard to organise but all you need is an effective online checkout system.

Building your site with WebSite X5 means that you can easily integrate different methods of payment, including the most popular options, such as bank transfers and PayPal. Even better, they’ll handle the technical aspects for you, so you just pick a method, enter your details and sit back as the money flows in!

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