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From Wordpress to WebSite X5 to renew the company website: Marco's story

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Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 16 December 2021
Perimeter security systems are certainly a niche sector where, without the right showcase, it is difficult to get noticed by end users such as military facilities or embassies.

For at least 20 years now, the best showcase for a business of this kind has been the Internet: Marco Capula, Business Strategist at his family business, GPS Standard, and leader in the field of security, is fully aware of this.

Marco personally took care of restyling the http://www.gps-standard.com site and chose WebSite X5 to do it.

We met Marco: here's what he told us about his experience.

Hi Marco, how about telling us a little bit about yourself to start with?
"Hello. To introduce myself, I'll say that I am a young, second generation entrepreneur who had to earn his place in the family business. In fact, after receiving my Master Degree in Business Administration, I gained experience abroad: 8 intense years, of which 2 in Holland and 1 in the United States, at different multinational companies. Eventually, however, I returned to Italy and started working at GPS Standard.

Our company has been operating for over 45 years in the field of perimeter security and intrusion detection. At our headquarters in Arnad (AO), we design, develop and produce a wide range of products, all technologically advanced. Then, thanks to a network of branches, subsidiaries and specialized partners we export all over the world."  

For a business like yours, how important is it to have a website?
"I'd say it's strategic. You have to consider that we are a technology company that works internationally: over 40% of our turnover comes from what we export abroad.

The website allows us to have the international visibility we need: it is currently localized in 4 languages and, from statistical data, we know that more than half of the traffic it receives daily comes from outside Italy. It's our best calling card."

Your company already had a website. What made you realize it was time for a complete makeover?
"That's right: we had a website made in Wordpress and, over time, we realized it had a number of problems. I can sum them up like this:
  • Security - Wordpress is perhaps the best known platform in the world and therefore also one of the easiest to "hack": as a result, our site was often subject to hacker attacks.
  • Flexibility - With the exception of a few R&D developers, no one in the company knew Wordpress: this meant that for every small change we wanted to make to the site, we either had to ask them to intervene - effectively interrupting their research and development work - or we had to find external help, with high management costs.
  • Image - By now the site's graphic appearance was outdated: it was clear to everyone that we had to intervene to make it a little bit fresher.".

So you decided to step in and take care of implementing the new site yourself?
"I'm not an expert in the field, but some satisfied customers recommended WebSite X5 to me: I tried it and realized how easy and flexible it is. I realized that I would be able to work independently on the site. I transferred a lot of the content from the old site and fixed anything that wasn't working anymore.

Let me give you an example that may seem trivial. In the old site, you couldn't navigate from one product to another in a comfortable way: you always had to go back to the main menu and choose the new product to display. Thanks to WebSite X5, I was able to insert navigation arrows (previous and next) for this purpose. It took me a very short time to do this, but the site is a definite step forward in terms of navigability.

Having sorted out the navigation structure, I then focused on the graphics: it was very easy to manage images and graphics."

Finally, were you able to fix all the problems with your old site?
"Yes, since we switched to WebSite X5 we haven't had any more hacker attacks, I've made myself independent of third parties and I can implement any changes and updates I think are necessary for the site, whenever I want.
I'd say we've taken a definite step forward!"   

So, what would you recommend to people like you who are in the process of restyling their website?
"I'd recommend trying to look at the site with new eyes, trying to put yourself in your user's shoes and remembering that the pages we create should not only please us but above all those we address.

It is important that the message you want to give is clear from the home page. What are you offering? What needs do you serve? What's your story? These are the crucial elements: a message, a mission, a clear and easily understandable proposition.

And finally, never forget that a site is something alive that you should be constantly updating, so that it remains constantly aligned with the activity it represents on the Web."

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