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Create a professional website: X5 DesignLab for Dr. Bertolini

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 23 April 2020
In 2020, having a website for people to find you online is more important than ever. That's the story behind X5 DesignLab, the custom web design service by Incomedia, the company that makes the famous WebSite X5 software.
This service is for anyone who wants to build their own website or online store but doesn't have time to do it themselves.

Take Dr. Ilaria Bertolini, for example.

An Up-to-date Website for a Psychologist Psychotherapist

Ilaria is a psychologist psychotherapist who specializes in brief strategic therapy, with over twenty years of experience in the field.
As is the case with many of her colleagues, Ilaria began her career in mental health while working in a drug rehab center. After 4 years, she decided to move on and specialize in psychotherapy. 20 years later, she is still dedicated to that profession.

“I chose to become a psychologist psychotherapist, but in a way, it chose me."

Throughout the years, Ilaria not only continued to develop her professional skills, she also stayed up to date with technology. Eventually, she felt the need to update her website (www.psicoterapia-strategica.it/) to make sure her services are presented in a way that's fresh and accessible.

“Anyone whose profession revolves around communication knows that a site's image is the first factor in a client's choice, and sometimes the decisive one.”

The X5 DesignLab Relationship

After filling out an online form, a web designer from X5 DesignLab reached out to Ilaria for some additional information needed to put together the right quote.

“I told them what I wanted, and they understood my needs immediately.”

Once the X5 DesignLab team understood what Ilaria needed, they got to work right away. She approved their final project, and they also published it online for her. According to Ilaria, X5 Design Lab's customer relations are characterized by creativity, attention to detail, diligence, and efficiency.

“Knowing that the person on the other side understands what you need makes you feel like you're in good hands.”

Expert advice for a functional website

When a potential client visits a psychologist psychotherapist's professional website, it's crucial that they find the contact information quickly. That's why Ilaria wanted the option to make calls and send messages to be only a click away. It's not just an advantage for the site owner, it also benefits her clients. X5 DesignLab fulfilled Ilaria's request, and now she's thinking about adding more features soon.

“I'm satisfied with the work they did. In the future, I'd like to add a blog to my website to include more informal news for readers.”

In the end, Ilaria got the site she'd always dreamed of: easy to navigate, with optimized features, and built by a team of experts who designed it exactly the way she wanted it!

“I want my site to convey the right image to my clients:  X5 DesignLab made that happen!”

Would you like to update or build your very own professional website?
Contact X5 DesignLab today for a free quote!

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